Thursday, June 07, 2007

So this photo challenge is just that for me, a challenge. A challenge to have it in the front of my mind durning the week but not letting it take over.

Challenge #2 was signs. One of my favorite local stores and my church.
Challenge #3, has to be one of my favorites just because Landscapes make me happy. I LOVE to look at what is around me and take it all in. I'm in wonder of painted skies and this photo marks a special walk with my daughter a few weeks ago.
These photos were taken Sunday evening durning a freak rain/wind storm we had. The rolling over our house only lasted a few minutes but it was really breath taking. Shortly after this the lightening started.
Why not try the challenge for yourself?


Heather said...

Beautiful landscapes! And great sign pictures! Thank you for stopping by and participating!

BonnieRose said...

those are some great pics.. love the clouds one... beautifuL!