Saturday, September 10, 2011

10 Things and a Giveaway!!

Have you ever wanted to make a difference?  It has taken me years to realize that in order to really make a difference two things need to happen....1) You  have to believe you can and 2) You have to believe that no matter what you do you are enough.  I use to think that if I couldn't do it all or buy it all it was never going to be enough.  It wouldn't be enough to make anyone happy including myself.  Well, yesterday I celebrated my 47th birthday and I am happy to report that my 40's have been better than my 30's.  I use to live with regret of what could have been but I became a better person from where I have walked.  It feels good to be where I am, to see life like this and be happy.  To receive an out pouring birthday wishes from friends and just laughing literally all day is such a good feeling!

So in honor my my birthday yesterday I have decided to do Shimele's 10 on the 10th.  Ten things I have loved about this birthday week!  If you decide to stick this out, there is a special give away at the end!!  I LOVE presents!!

1.  Friends that allow you to be silly and love you anyway!!

2. Friends that bring over their special tools so you can all make cool art journals!!

3. Friends that take you out to lunch and make you laugh so hard your sides hurt while people are giving you weird looks.  Then knowing you just don't care what they think and you are okay with that.

4. Birthday cards from special friends in my life.  I also received a special necklace from my Dad in my favorite color green. 

5. Special things I have been wanting.

6. Initial tape....two rolls originally bought, lost then found, after a special friend bought me another roll! 

7.  Wonderful books I've picked up at the Border's close out sale in our city.  Wonderful lovely!

8. Repurposing an old wine box to hold fun things to add to art journals and canvas.

9. A sampling of a piece of art that I've had the idea for all summer.  I am again in LOVE and it deserves it's own post later.

10. Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, made by my young lovely.  Thanks sweetheart!!

You are wonderful, if you have stuck it out OR just skipped over the fluff going straight to the end to see about the giveaway.  Today, I am celebrating two things that I count important in my life.  1) My birthday, when I was growing up I was sure I would die of old age when I was in my forties.....glad that hasn't happened and 2) reaching a goal of 250+ posts on my little corner of the world that is mine.  Two of you will receive a special gift, one of the following; a Birthday book I have made, on a ring with a place to add photos and write out your people's birthdays so you don't miss them.  Then under my #7 above, are my favorite books right now.  I have an extra copy of Art Saves, it is so wonderful and has changed quite a lot of my thinking recently.  Now I am going to make you all work for it cause, I believe that is more fun!  Think of something you could do for somone special, then do it OR to receive an extra place in the drawing, do something special for a complete stranger.  It is up to you what that something is.  Come back here and post what you have done by 9pm(PST) Sunday, September 18 and I will post a winner on Monday, September 19.(I will except up to three enteries per person to make it fair for everyone.)            

Let the games begin!!!  Most of all have fun!!  I can't wait to hear how you will make a difference in someone's live this week!

Thursday, September 08, 2011

A promise kept and a surprise

Art, art and more art.  If a day goes by that I can't do it or don't, I can be quite crappy.  When I am making something, every piece of my heart is in what I do, it is a peaceful place.  I am in such a happy place, it is part of my center.  I use to think that you had to have a degree in art to be an artist.  I don't think that anymore and I try to encourage people that think they can't be creative to just pick up something.  You can be creative in ANYTHING you do, it doesn't have to be with a paint brush, colored pencil or pretty inks.  Look at how you keep or organize your house or how you cook(probably better than me).......that IS a form of being creative.  I challenge you to not put being creative into a box, look at what you do and see it differently.

I have learned so much from all the wonderful blessings of classes this year.  I've taken away from them learning techniques that I have helped me so much.  This is one of the projects that I took my time on and it is something I am in love with.  I've always wanted to do something with all the little love notes I have saved for years from my children.  Each little element in this means something and is proudly hanging in my bedroom where I can see it everyday.    

Do you remember this post?  My daughter was asking about what honor meant to you.  We posted the same question on the Brave Girls site.  She then took everyone's answers, printed them out and used them in her artwork.  They turned out so wonderful.  She received a high grade and has decided she doesn't want to keep them for herself put pass them onto the ladies who are a big part of her life.  We put everyone's name into a basket and drew three names, Selena Alvar, Kaere Schmidt and Sandi Floyd Tygar, you will each receive one of these 8x10 canvas.  Enjoy!

If you like what I have done with my Canvas of Love and would like one of your own please feel free to contact me for pricing.  It would be my honor to take your tokens of love and make them something you can see everyday. 

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

A bit differant

It's been awhile and things are just a bit different now.  Out of summer, into school and heading towards fall weather, that is what my little family is all about right now.  My son is a Senior and my daughter is a Sophomore......time just keeps ticking by, much to my dislikes.  I am however enjoying where my life is right now and that is the biggest reason for such the long breaks in between posts. 

My handsome son.  These are actually the second day of school because the first day was just to busy to remember that I needed to take pictures.

My beautiful daughter.  Still rushing out the door to catch the bus.  Yes, she is always this happy if she isn't something is very wrong!!

Blogging just has to take a back burner sometimes I am feeling less and less guilty about it.  I promised to show you a project I worked on this summer and I will do that tomorrow!  Thanks for showing up and listening in about my life.