Monday, April 23, 2007

Today, two of the most important people in my life are celebrating their birthdays. My husband and our beautiful daughter Nicole. I want you both, to just have a wonderful day being surrounded by the people and things you love the most.
Bruce, 20 years ago I gave you the most precious gift, our beautiful daughter. What a wonderful husband and father you are. You are so full of a strength that I can't even compare to have. Have a wonderful day and know that you are so loved.
Nicole, 20 years ago you came into my life and I am so glad you did. Your caring heart, has always inspired me to push myself to become a better person. I've watched you change into a beautiful young woman that I'm proud to call my daughter. I hope your day will be filled with a lot of laughter.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Today is a wonderful day in my neighborhood!! The sunshine is out but it isn't warm yet. I can hear the wind machines that are still on. There are orchards just down the street from where I live. The time between Winter/Spring and Summer/Fall around here can be a beautiful place in the orchards. Right now, the trees are waking up and orchards are watered at night. On some days you will see thick icicles formed on the trees. I've been told that the ice acts as insulation, interesting and totally beautiful!! I should take pictures sometime.
Take time for the beauty around you today. I know I am!

Monday, April 09, 2007

I spent sometime on Saturday creating just for me. I've had this art print for a long time and have wanted to do something with it but what? It is an odd size and I wasn't going to pay to have it framed! The kids went out to brunch and a movie with my step mom and my husband took off for a little while. So on my worship music went and it all came together, imagine that!! I can say it is something that I am so excited and proud of, it just makes me happy!!
Our Easter was relaxed, church in the morning and brunch with my parents at a local restaurant. For a long time now I've only made a 'family easter basket', we have wanted to focus on the real reason for easter. So everyone gets something special along with a family gift. I think though, my favorite thing this year was going out to brunch with my parents. My daughter took pictures of all the beautiful desserts(you know the ones, so beautiful you can't eat them all) and had to take photos of everyone's plates. The joy on her face at the age of 11 was priceless. Then my Husband got into it! He borrowed my Dad's camera with his new fish eye lense and took pictures of our faces!! Oh my gosh, we were laughing so hard we were crying!!! I can't wait to scrapbook those pictures!! HHHhhhmmmm....maybe a good time to learn photoshop? The family photo would be so GREAT!!! lol

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Have you ever just wondered if a gift you give makes a difference to anyone? Over the years I've given countless Scrapbooking gifts and sometimes I wonder if they are even used OR if I walk into my local goodwill if it will be there. I know that is probably the extreme but what has happened to people sending Thank-you cards? Is my gift any less than important than lets say, a blender or hair dryer? It leaves me wondering.
I've been Scrapbooking for 18 yrs and most of what I've done hasn't been for my children. Sad, I know however that is on the wind of change for me. Things have been put into perspective the last few months. Something I noticed, I no longer need to show my work to anyone for approval. I remember finishing the latest project, only to try find anyone to share my new found creation with. I would receive a good ole pat on the back, which then would make me feel good about myself. It only lasted a little while and it ended making me feel empty inside. I like the new me, one that doesn't strive to make things for the approval of others. I can make layouts for my children knowing that I'm leaving something for them, when I leave this world.
I would still like a thank you from the people I do give gifts to. I just don't hold my breath anymore, but have learned how to breathe.