Sunday, March 07, 2010

What I know

This last December I was hit with how many beautiful scrapbooking supplies I have. I've known it but when you are sitting in your pretty corner of the world, well sometimes you over look it. When you start to over look things, it is to easy to purchase more than what you really need. I decided that this year, would be the year, that I really use what I have and purge what I don't. Work on unfinished projects and projects that I have been wanting to do. After all it is all right there in front of me, what am I waiting for. I could give you any reason but in the end they would really all be excuses.

So here I am "trying" to spend less on my hobby.......January - good, February - not so good and here I am in March. I want this month to be better! I don't want to waist time or money anymore. In an effort to help myself or push myself to change I felt needed more of a focus, then I happened on this class by Shimelle. Exactly, what I have been looking for, just that extra added help I need.

So to anyone reading, know that I have a little bit of a problem and I am going to do something about it. I am going to take this stash and actually use it.(these are just a couple of photos of my problem areas) No more saving it for a rainy day or just the right project.
It will be great! After all is said and done I will have beautiful things to pass onto my children. If you want to join I do believe that there is still time. Come on, make some changes use your stuff.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

All total

So I decided to total up layouts done and photos used, for the Layout a Day Challenge. I can really say that I am pretty darn proud of myself!

In 28 days I made 48 layouts and used 175 photos! Of course, I only posted 28 of the 48 done but that is okay. I am still working on finishing up my daughter Angela's wedding album, which I am hoping to have completed before the end of this month.

The next LOAD is coming up in May and I am already making plans to attend. We have so much fun!! So keep a look out on Lain's blog for more information, sign ups start in early April and space will be limited, so sign up early!