Friday, September 06, 2013

Sunrise and Sunset

This week I have seen both a Sunrise, Sunset and two Thunder lighting storms.  It is strange how they calm me and I think sometimes you can forget how beautiful they are.  Last night was one of those storms.  Our new princess of the house was so scared.  I wrapped her up in a blanket holding her for 20 minutes.  Then this morning she climbed up onto my chest while I was drinking my coffee.  Pure Bliss I tell you.

This week was the start of school for the Grands so I only have one at home now.  Tell you what....this little one is a firecracker and can talk so much when no one is around.  We are all getting into a routine and I'm looking forward to next week to just keep working on it. 

I've also been working on cleaning up my corner, which has needed it for so long.  To many days of just not putting the little things away, then before you know it you feel so overwhelmed you turn around and walk back out.  So I decided to not walk out!  Slow going but it will feel good to just be able to just walk in and play.  My space also shares a spot where I pay my bills.  I haven't quite got that worked out yet but it is getting better.