Monday, July 21, 2008

More Settling

The house is getting better! We are actually being able to have some down time from working every waking minute, that is even better. Through this move I realized I like order. I'm not a mental case when it comes to it but I LOVE having everything in its place. OOOOOooooo, I was even able to vaccum for the first time in 3 wks!!

My feet were so swollen the week of the move that I couldn't wear any shoes. I'm so glad they are back to normal and that my feet aren't in so much pain. I don't wish feet pain on anyone!!

I have shared my boxes of my packed scrapbook room in an earlier post. So today I will share with you the continued moving of a scrapbook room. It looks something like this.........
My Iris drawers that I store everything in. They are getting ready to go into the truck
In the truck they go, along with everything else. The movers were giving me a bad time about all my stuff. How much stuff can a person have? I laughed and told them ALOT when you do a bit of everything.
Here we are in my new scrapbook corner. I had to open one of my boxes because it was crushed. I'm happy there was no damage to them, it would have been sad.
I've unpacked all these boxes and am in the process of organizing. I'm happy to report that things are shaping up quite well. The only tragedy I have had is my sun lamp for my desk was broken. I thought I packed it well enough but I didn't. I will have to make due with one of my other lamps until the other house sells. I found that my sun lamp really helped me during the winter months while I was working. I had found it a few years ago at Costco so maybe as fall approached they will carry them again.

So stay tuned later this week for my finished scrapbook corner. I'm sure you will find it a happy place!! I know I do!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Settling in

We are alive, sore and all around tired. We have managed to get everything into 50% of its finally resting place. Washer, dryer have been hooked up and I've been doing laundry for a couple of days. We used a lot of bedding to wrap things, then had a few things leak.....yuck! All in all nothing was broken durning the move. That makes me happy.

I will share more about the move in the next few days. I'm finally getting settle enough that I can actually sit down without the guilt of having boxes to unpack. The only major place that hasn't even been touched is my corner of the familyroom, which is my scrapbook space. I'm getting the itch to be creative so I'm sure it will happen in due time.