Saturday, February 19, 2011

I tell you what this has been a rough three weeks, it hasn't been a good start to the new year healthwise.  It  started with getting a small cold that knocked me on my butt.  There was one day that I slept off and on for a full day!  The beginning of last week I was feeling pretty good and thought I was to the end of it, then the coughing started.  I decided to give up and get myself into the doctor, so glad I did!  By last night I was into coughing fits and had the worst sinus headache a person can have.  I am on my fourth box of kleenex, seriously that is a lot of snot!!  I know a little gross but I feel icky.  We have started whipping things down with Clorox wipes, one of the best inventions in my book!!   

If you have been following or visiting my blog for any length of time you know that I am in love with Mixed Media art.  I have recently found this wonderful lady Christy Tomlinson and she is doing a special online class called The She Art Workshop.  You can find out about it here and if you go to the Where Women Create blog you can enter yourself into a contest to win a pass to the class.  It is something I am seriously thinking about taking just to learn just a little bit more about what I love.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

More Restoring

I am learning a lot of good stuff from Soul Restoration.  All of the content is really about changing ones thoughts and in turn this changes your life.  It is a for a purpose and helps you to look how far you have come.

In the past few weeks we have done a Timeline of our lives.  When we go through bad things in our lives, we have a tendency to think they go on forever but in reality it is only a short amount of time.  We make the choice everyday to let the past dictate our current lives and even our future.  It is possible to move past the hurt in your lives and not feel that you are stuck in it.  Moving past it is where you will find the JOY you are searching for.

We have also looked at both our strong and weak selves.  While it is hard to see at times each 'self' will take over at different times in your life.  What everyone seems to do though is beat yourself up over the choices you make, usually the bad ones.  Here we learned to love and forgive our weak selves, embrace her instead of telling her how horrible she is.

The background is made with modeling paste, which I scrap with a texture tool.  I then allowed it to dry completely, it took 24 hours......ack, I am not patient when it comes to leaving things alone to dry.  The next day, I painted my pages a medium grass green which turned out WAY to bright for me.  So I wiped as much of it off as I could, then watered down some brown paint to wash it over the green.  It gave it that in the forest mossy green that I was looking for, after it was dry I added Walnut Distress ink straight from the stamp pad.  I fell in love with the pages as I started to Mod Podge the elements on the pages.  It was everything I hoped it would be with all the perfect reminders on how I need to treat myself.