Friday, November 30, 2012


As I sit here today I am quickly taken back to two years ago, when I paid for a class, Soul Restoration 1.  I honestly couldn't really afford at the time but God saw my heart.  I have shared here before different things that I have learned but seriously it prepared me for my future more than I could have ever realized at the time.  Teaching me that I can learn from my past while not getting caught up in it allowing myself to go to dark places.  As each thing has been handed to me the last couple of years I have been able to enjoy the journey even if it was a hurtful place.

The foundation in the class really helps you to focus on the things that are most important.  I didn't notice it so much last year because we were terribly busy settling into our second oldest and her babies moving in with us.  This year, I am seeing things so differently it is actually quite amazing.  I am not allowing myself to get caught up in the commercialized Christmas, where it seems it is a goal to have the biggest newest thing.  I am not really in a I want or need mode anymore, it is really nice.  I've even taken steps this year to cut my spending and it has made me extremely happy to be at peace.

So on this last day of November 2012 I would like to celebrate by giving away a special gift.  This beautiful book 'A Little Bird Told Me', filled with a 30 day collection of inspiration put together by Melody Ross from her Little Bird daily truth messages.  I've been receiving these little messages in my email since they have started and each one speaks to me right where I am.  So let me tell you how you can be entered into this special give away.

Christmas is a time for family and friends so as this time grows closer, tell me about a special friend and share a special memory of the two you. 

I have said many times before Brave Girls Club and the community means the world to me.  They have truly given me those special friends that I knew I was missing.

For extra entries in the give away:

1.  Link my blog on facebook and/or your own blog.  Come back here to leave a separate comment telling me that is what you have done.
2.  If you become follower leave me another comment.

The winner will be chosen randomly one week from today Friday, December 7th.  Make sure when you are sharing your memory that you leave me your contact information. 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

It is that time 10 on the 10th!

I have taken a lot of online classes this year and as I have thought of the year these are my top 10 favorites.  If you ever get a chance to take anyone of these classes I would recommend them fully!  I wish I could say I have finished everyone BUT some have lifetime access so, I can work at my own pace which is wonderful.  My goal for 2013 is to make sure I finish what I have started. 

1.  A Lovely Dream with Suzi Blu.  I am no stranger to this beautiful lady.  I started with Petite Dolls and have been in love ever since.  This class was filled with videos once or twice a month for the whole year.  I've also taken the Fairies class but have yet to get anything on canvas.  Right now I have about 6 fairies that need to come out of my sketch book!  If you have ever wanted to take one of Suzi's classes, Petite Dolls or Portraits do it now!  This year is your last chance, they are being retired and won't be sold again.  Jump in, you will have the videos forever once you download them.  It is a good deal! 

2. Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry 101.....seriously wonderful class!!  Learned so much about Ranger products and how to use them.  Left me feeling excited to use what I have learned.

3.  Brave Girl Art School......this class is closed right now.  I am sure they will offer it come 2013, just keep a look out!

4.  Learn Something new everyday.......Shimelle is a wonderful teacher and artist.  Classes are full of so much content you will be busting at the seams.  Once you take her classes you have lifetime access and a few let you come back from year to year.  This makes it so worth it even if money is tight for you, once you are in, you are in!

5.  Cover to cover another Shimelle class.  The perfect place to learn how to put an album together cover to cover.   

6.  The art of Wild Abandonment 1 and The art of Wild Abandonment, Bless this mess.  I have found my heart, love for sketching and watercolors in this class.  Junelle Jacobson draws you into believing in yourself again.  A true blessing and you have a whole year to access!

7.  Inspiration Showcase with Jennifer McGuire.  A technique filled class you will soon not forget. 

8.  Okay well maybe I should have given Shimelle her very on blog post.  What can I say I am stuck on her classes and Scrapbook Remix is just as wonderful as all the rest.  My life is kinda crazy right now so I am just reading material and will start working on it soon.   

AND so looking forward too........

9.  Journal Your Christmas the new class information isn't up yet but keep checking back with Shimelle.  I am sure it will be up soon!  Best bang for your buck!!  Spend the dollars and come back every year!!

10.  A Whimsy Winter Workshop with Christy Tomlinson.  Class starts this week and hopefully will get me in the mood for Christmas.

Choose one or a might just find something you have been looking for!  I know I have.

Friday, November 09, 2012

Maybe this just looks like a big pile of papers to you.  To me though it represents a life I am letting go of.  A time when I cared more about the things I had then the life that was going on around me.  A life that made me feel secure by what I had or created.  Those feelings years ago caused me to get my family into over $10,000 worth of debt.  This pile of papers had been sitting in a bag for months, waiting for me to find the time to shred it.  Last week I finally just did it.  The freedom came for me and I felt a release for creating that I haven't had in quite a few months.

My past doesn't define me but by holding onto all of this I was allowing it too.  Each receipt would take me back to the days I hid what I was doing from the ones I loved.  I have done a few home businesses over the years and I had to not look at the names on the receipts.  I could remember most of my customers faces and what they purchased.  The countless times I showed up to do a home show and people weren't home.  The worst were the people who paid with a bounced check, only for me to have to cover what they ordered.  I can't help but wonder what some of them are doing, while others I thought were my friends turned out to only like me for what I had.  Interesting isn't it?

I see things so much differently as I have allowed myself to heal.  To figure out the source of my spending habits was the biggest thing in my life.  It is freeing and allows me to recognize when I might be falling into that place so that I can stop.  It is awesome feeling. So hear is to letting go!!