Tuesday, July 31, 2007

So many of us have been touched by Breast cancer in one form or another. Let's not let this be a silent killer anymore. Let's be aware and help each other!! You never know it might just save a life and that life maybe your own.

I may not know you but I am someone who cares about your life. You have so much to offer this world. Take care of yourself!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I've been tagged by my writing friend Bonnierose wanting to know some random facts about me. So as I am a writer that has been hidden away in a closet for a long time, I'm happy to obliged. Thanks Bonnie for the push and gentle leading.

Never in my life have I: felt so loved then the day I woke up one Christmas morning realizing how much my Lord and Savior truly loved me. Then BELIEVING IT!!

High school was: something I had to do to get on with my life and get out of my parents house.(hhhmmm, I think I heard that from one of my children!!)

When I'm nervous: my stomach gets VERY upset.

My hair: is only very blonde because I have it dyed twice a year.

When I was 5: It was just me and my mom, then she met my step-dad.

When I turn my head to the left: I see my gas fireplace with lovely Heidi Swapp flowers, in clear jars on the mantels.

I should be: doing some chores, getting dinner ready or packing my scrapbook supplies before I go to a friends house to scrapbook tonight.

By this time next year: I will be a Granny for the second time!!

My favorite Aunt: before my Uncle's divorce, was my Aunt Kathy. Now, I have no Aunt's that are apart of my life. My family isn't very functional.

I have a hard time understanding: when some people choose to continue towards a bad path, even when they really know right from wrong.

You know I like you if: I am drawn to spending time with you and can just be myself.

My ideal breakfast is: Crunchy hash browns with cheesy scrambled eggs.

If you visit my hometown: there is always an extra place for you to sleep at my house, no charge!!

My favorite blonde is: my friend Terri in less she has dyed her hair! Then it would be Beth Proudfoot a teacher at Big Picture Scrapbooking. I totally admire both of these women for helping me to discover a part of who I am.

My favorite brunette is: my girlfriend Shari Dover who is an awesome scrapbook buddy and listener.

The animal I would like to see flying besides birds: is a happy cow with tiny wings.....lol

Last night I: slept very nicely because it was finally cooler outside.

A better name for me would be: I would not want a different name. God has shown me what my name means to Him and who would want to change it after that??

I've been told I look like: I am younger than I really am. Must be the fact, that I had all my children at a young age and being able to keep up with them OR that I work with youth at my church.

If you have stuck it out this long you are sooo brave!! I'm tagging Terri!! he he he Welcome to the blog world girlfriend!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

One of my favorite blogs right now is Kal Barteski , she has tagged all who visit her site to share three things we like about ourselves. I am finding that it isn't the easiest thing to do however I'm up for the challenge.

1. I am a wonderfully creative person. Over my years I have done a lot of self teaching in many different areas. I do find though, that there are so many things out there it is hard to keep to just a handful!!

2. I am a forgiving and loving person, even on people's bad days. It hasn't always been an easy thing for me to do. You can teach someone to be forgiving but it comes down to the choice a person makes.

3. I am a thrifty person and am always looking for a good deal, on things for my family. I LOVE clearance sales, food sales, just about any sale. AND I LOVE our local $1 store!! maybe not always the best product BUT when you find something that is, way to go!!!

Thank-you Kal for the challenge!!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

As promised! A picture of our clean pool. What I don't understand is why people in our neighborhood don't spend a lot of their time in it. Totally odd when it has been reaching over 100* this last week!!
Funky Photo took a week off but we were encouraged to post our favorite of the week. Mine is of my son who turned 14 years old yesterday. Hard to believe how fast they grow! Happy Birthday Ethen, you are my son and I can't ever imagine my life without you. You fill my life with a crazy boy joy, that I love. I am thankful that you still aren't afraid to kiss me on the cheek in a public place or hold my hand. I hope those days will continue for a lifetime, along with our Starbucks dates!