Friday, January 25, 2008

Ya, know what is frustrating???

When your computer decides that its hard drive is going to die! It paralyzes you. Funny thing is I promised myself I would never become dependant on my computer. I've gotten spoiled in being able to sit down and work on photos, word documents or even just learning about my new printer. Thank goodness, it has worked off and on durning the week so I could finish uploading photos to Scrapbookpictures. I can now rest a little easier and thank you to my wonderful DH, who is letting me use his computer for posting.

As soon as my computer is up and running I will be able to share a few more layouts with you. I'm off to snuggle and if you are in the Yakima area be sure you check out Scrapbook Central for upcoming classes for February. I decided on a cute little mini book, which I will share here later on. You can check out the link to the right for the store.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Where has this month gone?

It seems like time is speeding up and I've hit about every speed bump in my week. With DH and son gone this past weekend the week is just dragging. Tomorrow is Thursday and I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful the weekend is looking.

It is soooo cold that all I want to do is just stay home and be in my sweatpants. However, life just doesn't seem to work like that. Life seems to be full of things to do, and you always have to buy groceries when your kids are hungry....go Then there are problems with the computer..........don't even get me started!!

So to my Layout a Day I go..........
Day 13, My Granddaughter learning to go UP the stairs all by herself with some supervision.

Day 14, Pages for our Family pet album. They all do so many cute things!! I seriously think animals are put on this earth to entertain their humans.(and love them too). Our kitten Sneakers was 6 weeks old in the top photos and 18 months in the bottom ones. They still play like this!!

Day 15, A little more playing at 6 weeks old.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Here's to a GREAT girls weekend!

The boys have been gone, it has just been Michaela and I. The house is quiet and we haven't done much. I had thought we might start painting this weekend but ya know it just didn't seem like the right thing to do. I'm getting antsy to get started on painting.......I believe it is going to be up to me. Maybe if I start everyone else will get excited.

I've had a hard few days keeping by with the LOAD challenge. DH's boss died suddenly over last weekend so it has been an interesting week, helping DH where I can.

Day 10, Our new kitten Archie. Maybe he is part dog?

Day 11, Something I LOVE!

Day 12, My Grandson made his appearance. I couldn't decide which photo to use.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Here is to scrapbooking a Layout A Day!

So a few more days have past and I'm managing to keep up with the LOAD challenge! I am pretty proud of myself. Sometimes my inspiration doesn't come until later at night but what is important is the inspirations are coming. There are over 3,000 people envolved with this LOAD challenge, it is really an awesome thing. If you want to join us be sure to sign up for January 15!!

Day 7, Special photos of my Granddaughter. From the time she has been little my daughter and I have made a point of making sure I stay connected to her. The cell phone is working and she learned very young HOW to call her Granny! I LOVE how she knows who I am and when she is upset I can sometimes be the one to help even from far away.

Day 8, A Christmas present from my Dad. He couldn't find me a crocodile so he got me a Crop A Dile!(available in pink OR purple also) This is going to make a few things in my life of scrapbooking easier. Especially setting eyelets with NO pounding, that is awesome.
Day 9, These two pictured here are Terri Howard and Julie Dull, at the CTMH 2003 Portland Convention.(I'm thankful to Terri for sharing this photo with me) Both women have had breast cancer but only one lost her life. They are both the essence of strength that helps one to push forward in ANY given situation. Julie lost her battle shortly after this photo was taken.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

It is a wonderful week, really!

This has been a full on adjustment to routine. Getting back into the swing of life in general and scrapbooking a Layout a Day!! Later into the evening than what I want but inspiration sometimes doesn't come until then.
Day 4, The purrfect pair and the perfect picture. Not many times in life does that perfect picture come around. In this case it did, Sneakers to the left and Archie to the right. Archie was rescued from the Costco parking lot a few weeks before Christmas. He was in BAD shape, weighing in at 3.5 lbs at 7 months. No shelter would take him because he had an upper respirtory infection. So we took him to the vet, got him on some meds to make him better......then, it was all history. So much for not EVER having another animal!!

Day 5, My son one very warm spring day when he was about 4 years old. His oldest sister taught him how to spray people with the sprinkler. The complete joy on his face is completely priceless!!

Day 6. Maybe not the most flattering photos of my daughters feet and I still have journalling to do, but these were taken just a couple of days ago. My Grandson was born Tuesday afternoon, weighing in at almost 10lbs. Talk about uncomfortable!!

Tomorrow you will find 3 more layouts that I can't wait to share with you. Many blessings to my daughter and Son in law on the birth of their Son, my Grandson Elijah David. I can't wait for that exciting day to meet you face to face!!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Someday's seem like you should just start over.

There are also the days that you aren't motivated to do anything and you find some glimmer of energy, only to be met with the dogs throwing up all evening. You set goals as to what you need to get done only to be met with every interruptions known to your world. Some you take in stride just like any other day but then there are times, you just want to sit on the couch crying, to make yourself feel better. You become overwhelmed and just tired, wanting to have your productive life back. I guess in the long run it just takes time to get back into your routine after the holidays. It was so nice to just slow way down, loosing all track of what day of the week it was. I felt like a could breathe and just enjoy everything. Now, dh is back to work, kids back in school and her I sit trying to get ready to tackle my day. It is finally getting light outside at 8am, which probably has a lot to do with my mood.

The New year has started and I'm looking forward to doing things more creative. I've joined Lain, over at Big Picture Scrapbooking in a FREE class she is teaching. They are still taking people and there are daily price drawings! It is all good and with over 2000 students we are having a lot of fun encouraging one another. My going to do my best to post my layouts here but in case I don't you can always check them out if you join the class ;o) All layouts are in the 9x9 size, which I haven't done to much of. I'm really enjoying the simplicity of my pages these days.

My day 1, a doodle from Stephanie, that said everything I want for my 2008. I printed it out and started coloring.

Day 2, a special love note left in the snow by my son.

Day 3, one of my favorite pictures of my Daughter and Granddaughter.