Friday, January 25, 2008

Ya, know what is frustrating???

When your computer decides that its hard drive is going to die! It paralyzes you. Funny thing is I promised myself I would never become dependant on my computer. I've gotten spoiled in being able to sit down and work on photos, word documents or even just learning about my new printer. Thank goodness, it has worked off and on durning the week so I could finish uploading photos to Scrapbookpictures. I can now rest a little easier and thank you to my wonderful DH, who is letting me use his computer for posting.

As soon as my computer is up and running I will be able to share a few more layouts with you. I'm off to snuggle and if you are in the Yakima area be sure you check out Scrapbook Central for upcoming classes for February. I decided on a cute little mini book, which I will share here later on. You can check out the link to the right for the store.

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Stampin n da Hood said...

I remember the days of a dying computer too!
Thanks Bruce for sharing so we don't miss out on a single thing from Juel!