Saturday, January 12, 2008

Here is to scrapbooking a Layout A Day!

So a few more days have past and I'm managing to keep up with the LOAD challenge! I am pretty proud of myself. Sometimes my inspiration doesn't come until later at night but what is important is the inspirations are coming. There are over 3,000 people envolved with this LOAD challenge, it is really an awesome thing. If you want to join us be sure to sign up for January 15!!

Day 7, Special photos of my Granddaughter. From the time she has been little my daughter and I have made a point of making sure I stay connected to her. The cell phone is working and she learned very young HOW to call her Granny! I LOVE how she knows who I am and when she is upset I can sometimes be the one to help even from far away.

Day 8, A Christmas present from my Dad. He couldn't find me a crocodile so he got me a Crop A Dile!(available in pink OR purple also) This is going to make a few things in my life of scrapbooking easier. Especially setting eyelets with NO pounding, that is awesome.
Day 9, These two pictured here are Terri Howard and Julie Dull, at the CTMH 2003 Portland Convention.(I'm thankful to Terri for sharing this photo with me) Both women have had breast cancer but only one lost her life. They are both the essence of strength that helps one to push forward in ANY given situation. Julie lost her battle shortly after this photo was taken.

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