Friday, December 14, 2007

Sometimes I think something is wrong with me

I have had the hardest time 'getting into' the holiday spirit this year. I've been listening to a lot of other people and they have all the said the same thing. So it is nice to know that I'm not alone and that I'm okay. This year it is different, something is changing. Will this change bring along people NOT being so greedy this holiday season? Ya know, they are everywhere! Time will be the judge of that.

I remember being a person that had to make sure that each of my children had the same number of gifts. No one could feel less important but I know now I was missing the point! As I've gotten older the gifts that mean the most to me are the ones that are thoughtful and useful. Now, don't get me wrong........there are things that I would LOVE to have but really all my needs are met. If I don't get anything off my list, I will reevaluate the items then decide if I can live without them. I can already say that there is one item that WILL stay on the list!! A Crop a dile, if you are a scrapbooker or card maker and you don't have this tool, it is a MUST HAVE ITEM!!(the lime green one is my favorite but I did just notice they now have it in purple......ooooo!!) So cool to be able to set eyelets quietly and it will punch through layers of paper with little any effort.

I feel the Christmas mood ever so slowly coming to me. I'm doing my best to grasp onto it but it is hard when you have some of your babies that aren't going to be home with you this year. Okay, well maybe they aren't babies anymore but I miss them just the same. My mood started to lift as I opened my email the other day and received the picture to the left. My Granddaughter's 1st Christmas tree, that she will always remember! I can't wait to scrapbook these pictures! My daughter helped her by drawing the outline of the tree with some ornaments and started coloring. My Granddaughter was so very excited and so very proud of herself.
I remember those days of Christmas as a child, the wonder, the amazement of the true meaning. The day I finally understood what it was really all about. The greatfulness that I have to my savior Jesus Christ, for coming as a baby just for me. Sometimes the thought of it all is overwhelming.
If you are overwhelmed, maybe not feeling right this holiday season try to find your happy song. One that makes your soul sing, the one that you find yourself singing to yourself all the time. No song? Then maybe just start humming it does wonderful things for your mood. Just don't loose sight of the real reason for Christmas, slow down and take it all in. Relearn how to LOVE this season. Now, go forward.