Friday, December 31, 2010

Almost over

Well 2010 is done for some and almost gone for me.  The happy things for this year have been the addition of two beautiful Grandbabies to the family.  I love my Grandbabies, they provide me with so much sunshine!

Day 24, Christmas Eve is when we open all our presents.  My journaling will be on the back with some pictures on the front.

Day 25, Christmas Day we get to play with all our new stuff.  Just a fun relaxing day.  Journaling on the back.

Day 26, I found this postcard at a shop here in town.  I loved it and knew it would be a perfect addition to my album this year.  I had fun playing with the camera this year and took a few photos of ornaments leaving space for writing.  Hoping to use some of them as Christmas cards next year.(yes, trying to plan ahead)

Day 27,  My sleep patterns are all messed up with everyone home.  School starts back up on Monday and I think I am going to take a nice long nap with a quiet house!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


The snow is lightly falling this morning, my house is quiet for now and I am sitting her reflecting on the past year, wondering what the New Year will hold. 

This year has been a bumpy road for our family, right now we are in the process of reinventing who we are and it isn't easy.  We have always been able to see our family life in front of us, the things we do together as a team or even separately, life is different.  So many unanswered questions of 'what now', it is overwhelming.  I know in time all things will become clear but to be involved with church for years then to not have it in your life is unsettling.  I was changing, starting to feel comfortable again and trust that I could step back into a church building without the fear of being hurt.  Circumstances now have brought us to the point where we needed to leave the church we had started to call our home, we couldn't stay.  You can't go into a place where you don't feel safe, especially with your family.  It was a matter of how things were handled, it wasn't right and our family was hurt. 

Now, we move forward to a New Year.  All our paths open to what will be in store for us.  Some paths we can see others we can not.  So for now, I will do what is best for me.  I will rest, pray and restore me.  I will stop worrying about a past I can't change, forgive myself and others.  I will find peace this next year.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Day After Christmas

Yesterday was a nice day, that wasn't filled with lots of pressure.  My daughter and I were out numbered by the male numbers in the house so there was a lot of guy talks.  We put a ham in the roaster the night before so it was all ready for eating mid afternoon.  To that we added green beans and scalloped potatoes, pretty simple and good.  Our Uncle Ray did the dishes which was so sweet.  The rest of the evening was just spent sitting around talking.

As for Journal Your Christmas, it has been a success for me. I have a couple of more days to finish up and I am hoping to do those tomorrow.  If I do anything more for the next few days they may just be half pages of what we are doing until everyone goes back to school/work.  Family left today to get ahead of the weather so the house is abnormally quiet.  I think I am going to go visit with my sewing machine.

Day 21, The reality of how the house looks.  Past years I have always been ahead of the game on keeping up with things, not this year and honestly I am okay with that.

Day 22,  The things still left to do.  I decided on a Rum Cake that turned out beautiful.  This page was made from some Making Memories packaging and the deer is from a Starbucks food bag.  I just cut it out and glued it down. 

Day 23, The story of our stockings will go here  as soon as I get the photo printed. 

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve

I'm missing my big girls today.  I so hope for a day that we all can be together again instead of spread out all over the place.

Day 17, a perfect present for someone who was feeling down.  I'm happy that the packages to my girls will get there in time for Christmas.

Day 18, Christmas Day menu really hasn't even been thought about.  We are going to keep it as simple as possible.

Day 19,  How I feel about Santa is inside.  We decided that we didn't want to raise our children with Santa but we made sure they realized that they should ruin it for their friends that believed.  Back of page is a good message, one to remember. 

Day 20,  Love surprises that come in the mail.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas bustle

It was beautiful here in Spokane yesterday so my youngest daughter, a friend of hers and I took part of the day and just walked around downtown.  We stopped at a downtown starbucks with no hurry up involved.  It was fun to watch people some in their Christmas finest and caring bags of gifts.  I don't miss the hustle and bustle.  I am loving being able to slow down!   

Day 14, Just a little bit about gifts and how I feel about gift giving.  I cut down a set of baseball card protectors.  Love the half one at the top with added ribbon to look like a package.

Day 15, All about our vistors coming and a page left for photos. 

Day 16, What I am most Grateful for.  The back page is a full sheet journaling paper for my special thoughts. 

Monday, December 20, 2010

Comany is coming

It has been a lovely few days getting our house ready for company.  Yep, just a few guests and soon our house will be full of laughter I am sure.  Today marks the day I am done with my shopping and my pages for Journal Your Christmas are coming together nicely.  I am finding that as each page goes by there is healing and I love it.  As I finish each page I find myself saying 'oh this is my favorite page', then the next day I say the same thing.  I can't but help laugh at myself.
Day 10, Some of my favorite gift wrap

Day 11, The Christmas Tree or should I say trees.  I love having them in the window.  Also a story of a past Christmas tree.

Day 12, A Christmas past.....I don't have a lot of photos of my own Christmas's.  I scanned my photos I do have, before I scrapbooked the orginals so then it allows me to do fun things like this.  I printed this out as index prints and then used the strip.  Then a picture of me with Santa, my daughter says I still make that face. 

Day 13, This page is an acrylic page.  Love how I can see the quote for day 14 and then the word past once the page is turned.  I am enjoying not using photos unless I happen to have one that will work.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Beautiful Days

I couldn't stay in today it was just to pretty.  The sun was high in the sky with those beauitful whispy white clouds in the sky.  A perfectly beautiful day!

Day 6, We had to talk today about a happy and sad Christmas then separate it in a special way.

Day 7,  All about how much wrapping you have to do.  Not me, we have pre wrapped boxes for years so all you have to do is open the box, lift the lid and you are done.

Day 8,  Special pages with just photos of Christmas.  This is one of my most favorite pages.  I used a lot of photos from past Christmas's when we did a lot of baking for people. 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Simple enjoyment

Enjoying the bit of sunshine we are having today, it is so nice but cold.  I have been taking my afternoons and doing a little bit of shopping the last few days.  I think I am done except for a few more stocking stuffers!  I have to dare the mall......wish I could avoid it but I need to see if I can get a dvd I'm looking for.  I really don't want to order it online in less I need to.

Here are few more days to share of Journal Your Christmas album.  Hopefully it will give the family that can't be with us a little glimpse into our lives. 

Day 3, just a bit about why I don't make many Christmas cards like I use to and a recipe that is a favorite around the holidays.

Day 4, What is your thought on a perfect Christmas?

Day 5, Traditions and remembering fun things seem to go hand in hand this time of year.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Journaling Days

I am so enjoying the process of this album for my family.  It makes me so happy even if I am just a bit behind.  One of the things I LOVE about this class is once you pay for it, you can do it each year without any extra cost for the class.  I've already found a few things to use in my next year's album!  You can't beat a good sale on Christmas things, so much fun.   

My album is 6x6 with a few different sized pages thrown in.  Most are chipboard of different thicknesses from my stash or cereal boxes.  Everything is glued down in with either my Glue Glider Pro Perma Tac Adhesive, Glossy accents, Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive or Beacons 3 in 1 Advanced Craft Glue(which I LOVE! Just use in well ventilated area)

Cover,  The window pane is from a piece of chipboard from some punched out game pieces.

Day 1, This is actually a clear page so you can see Day 2 right behind it.  A very snowy day and a Robin outside my daughters bedroom window. 

Day 2,  All about the weather and on my tags I wrote about the 3 special gifts I got the first 3 days of December.  The photo in the bottom right is my neighbor's arborvitae, hope it straights out come spring.

Friday, December 10, 2010


Well, I did signing up for the Soul Restoration course with Brave girls, even though the price tag was a bit high for me.  I felt drawn to the course, it was something I couldn't shake.  Three days after signing up the Brave girls did a special give away and I won!  I am pretty excited that God planned away for me to do this.  I know it is going to be something wonderful!

I also sold a few scrapbooking supplies to pay for the Journal Your Christmas with Shimelle.  It took me quite a few days to pull all my supplies together but pages are coming together even being a few days behind everyone else.  I am so enjoying it!  It is wonderful to just have the prompt in the back of your mind, then make a page.  Pictures or no pictures it isn't mattering much.  It is helping me to destress and that is a big thing for me around the holiday season.  I have just wanted this year to be different and so far it is just that.