Friday, June 27, 2008

More Moving

Is there anyone in this world that really likes to move? To you I give you a high five! I've decided for me that moving just sucks.

My scrapbook room is 75% complete and these are most of my boxes. Okay, well maybe there are a few missing because they are housed in the Yes, a lot of stuff but it will be time to do some serious sorting when I set up my new space. I just couldn't do it all before the move, so this just means I will have something big to do over the summer.

So it is official, we own our new home in Spokane, here's to owning two homes at once! Hope that doesn't last long. My step-mom was willing to drive the kids and I up to Spokane on Wednesday. I was just a little freaked out on driving by myself. I know, that I'm going to have to get use to driving it on my own so it was nice of her to be willing to do that. No sight seeing this time except for showing her the house. The kids love it and their rooms. The kids seemed mostly amazed about how green everything was and it really dawned on them that they are going to be 'real' city kids. I feel some ground rules coming on! Any advice?

This is our backyard, complete with trampoline left behind from the previous owners. Kids are voting to keep it, while dear hubby sees it as a emergency room visit waiting to happen. We shall see who wins out by next weekend.

The official moving date starts this upcoming Monday with our first load and the second following on Wednesday. DH thinks I have more than him because I have smaller boxes........hhhhhmmmm, not sure about that one. I did tell him at closing that he doesn't have any room to talk about what I spend on my scrapbooking supplies because of his two BIG hobbies, photography and music.(big amplifiers, guitar toys and at least 5 cameras) I guess we all learn to bend over the years for each other. This is just half of his room!

I will update more when I can. We make the calls to hook up the utilities in the new house today plus get our phone transferred, which means I will more than likely loose my Internet connection for a few days. I just have to remind myself that this to shall pass. I'll be back catching everyone up soon!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


The day of moving is going to come faster than I think I am ready for, around the 30th. I sat for an hour and cried on Sunday night when DH asked me how fast I wanted to move. 10 years of my life has been in this house. I can walk into any part of it and see my grown girls at different ages, doing different things. It is crazy how emotionally attached I am to this house. It is easier to hand the keys over to someone else then to still have this house be ours until it sells.

When does the excitement come? Right now, all I can seem to think about it is not having 'go to' friends right away. Oh and the fear of getting lost, even though people have told me it is easy to get around. I've lived in this town for most of my life, at the drop of a hat I can tell you where the good places to go to shop are to get the best deal. DH asked if we were all getting excited yet. I told him I wasn't and he didn't like that answer. This all just takes time to get use to and you can prepare yourself for anything but when you are in the midst of it......well, it is hard.
I did promise pictures and I only have a few. I decided most of the photos I want to show you, are going to have to wait. However, these are among my favorites.
This is the entry way and my favorite here are the skylights. Everything in this house is open and I just love not feeling closed in anywhere.
And looking up from the landing. Yep, mirrors on the closets. It makes everything look bigger and I'm always wanted a banister like this!
This is going to be my scrapbook corner. For 10 years I've been in the family room so I didn't see any point in changing that now. I am in love with the built in shelves. Can't wait to make it my own!(no the TV doesn't stay, it belongs to the former owners.
Thanks for stopping by today and listening to rantings of a mean-o-pausal woman, Hot flashes included!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Series of events

So the series of events this week has left our heads in a cloud. It started out with two phone calls from my DH's boss. It made my DH nervous and he ended up not sleeping well on Monday night. This was one time I was glad he was working in Spokane! His boss was pretty general, asking how everything in his new position was working out. Only big stress is he isn't up there full time, so then that led to why. Truly there isn't much we can do about the sale of our house but in order to purchase a house in Spokane we have to have the equity from this house.

There conversation with my DH's company loaning us the down payment for the new house! What that says for my DH! He has been humbled this week, in relizing his position with the company now. They have faith that he can do this sales job, it is a big step. A job you work your whole life for.

So..............we made an offer on the house we love this week and it was accepted yesterday morning! We will have to carry two mortgages for a little while however I just exspect God to intervene and bring the buyers for this house, before we move completely to Spokane. No closing date yet, all I know is it will be soon! So I'm packing and doing more organizing.
I'm looking forward to taking the summer and moving into our new house. To be settled with everything in its place is important to me. It has been difficult the last few months for me to not have my normal things around me. I promise I will share more photos through the coming weeks!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fun Finds

So I have this problem.......I am always on the look out for fun organizational tools! It is an addiction that I'm not afraid to admit to, however what I fear is I may have to Wait can you ever have to many??? HHHhhhhmmmm, I may have to think about that one.

So as my sights are being set on sometime soon moving into our new house, I'm looking for things that will work. I'm in LOVE with Target's $1 spot!! I don't have to feel like I have broken my bank account buying things. Oh and my other favorite is, Target end caps........a couple of years back I found 12x12 magnetic boards for like $3 each. To that I added spice containers with magnets on the bottom. That is what I use to hold a good deal of my scrapbooking accessories. This was in the $1 spot at Target but it was $2.50, it will be a nice addition to the medium and large size lime green ones I found this past fall at TJ Max!! I love using them for mini albums.

I also like going to my local Goodwill. Sometimes you can find cool things and I feel I scored big time this past week! I found these tins with hangers for .99cents each. I'm hoping to be able to hang them from a cool curtain rod.
Oh and another problem I have is dishes. Ceramic plates and bowls are among my favorites. As our children have grown up we have replaced all of our cheap dishes with Stoneware. Our main colors are Cobalt Blue, Lime Green, Dark Plum, and Tan. We have a few that have wine grapes on them. My favorite place to go for dishes is Pier 1. This week I struck gold.....see out of everything we have for dinner plate they have matching salad plates except my lime green ones. I've been searching for two years and guess what Pier 1 came out with for the summer? Lime Green plates with Daisies on them. Perfect! I haven't even used them yet, they will be for the new house. They just make me so happy.
I'm a firm believer in surrounding yourself with things that make you happy. So do that today, don't allow others to steal your JOY. Find what makes you happy, just sit and enjoy it. Soak it in and while you are slowing down, look at the beauty around you. You might be surprised what you see in a new way.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Just keeping busy......

Nothing new on the house. The weather around here has been weird which doesn't lend itself well to showing houses. sigh So we wait, mean while having to do everything we can to not get stressed out. It doesn't always work, it just gets to you not having a place to call your own. The kids are out of school offically Tuesday at 10am. So God if you are reading this.......please don't make us wait to much longer before an offer.

In trying to keep myself busy I am doing more sorting of things. This week the goal is to pack more boxes and my rolling scrapbook bag. That way when we do move, at least I can have a few projects to keep me creative at the new house. Speaking of being creative, I've been up to a few things and they have helped so much in keeping my stress level down. A few of the things I have been holding onto are dried flowers that belong to my oldest daughter from all of her dances. The decision was made to not take them with us when we move so I found these great frames with a felt background, mounted the flowers inside the frames then sent them on there way to my oldest daugther. Hope she enjoys them! The one to the right is a bouquet of flowers I gave to her for her 16th birthday. I had even found a teddy bear to match the coral colored roses. I think adding the picture of the bear was a nice touch.

At my local scrapbook store some wonderful paper came in! Well, most all of it is wonderful! My downfall beautiful and fun papers!! So here is to fun with some K&Company paper with the cutest mushrooms on it!! This is a stand up 5x7 arylic frame.

Have a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by for a visit.