Saturday, June 14, 2008

Series of events

So the series of events this week has left our heads in a cloud. It started out with two phone calls from my DH's boss. It made my DH nervous and he ended up not sleeping well on Monday night. This was one time I was glad he was working in Spokane! His boss was pretty general, asking how everything in his new position was working out. Only big stress is he isn't up there full time, so then that led to why. Truly there isn't much we can do about the sale of our house but in order to purchase a house in Spokane we have to have the equity from this house.

There conversation with my DH's company loaning us the down payment for the new house! What that says for my DH! He has been humbled this week, in relizing his position with the company now. They have faith that he can do this sales job, it is a big step. A job you work your whole life for.

So..............we made an offer on the house we love this week and it was accepted yesterday morning! We will have to carry two mortgages for a little while however I just exspect God to intervene and bring the buyers for this house, before we move completely to Spokane. No closing date yet, all I know is it will be soon! So I'm packing and doing more organizing.
I'm looking forward to taking the summer and moving into our new house. To be settled with everything in its place is important to me. It has been difficult the last few months for me to not have my normal things around me. I promise I will share more photos through the coming weeks!!


Kathy said...

YaHoo! Congrats to you both! Yes, God is looking out for you in this as well as anything else you both do.

Stampin n da Hood said...