Friday, February 27, 2009


Yesterday was just one of those days! I made myself focus on things I can control, simple chores and trying to condense my scrapbook corner. See I made the mistake of totalling up how much I spent in scrapbook supplies last year.......ya, don't do that!! If you do, do everything you can to block it out of your mind. No, that doesn't mean go buy more supplies, it means use and reduce. I was able to return a few impulse purchases, which made me feel a little better. I am now tackling in my brain how I need to approach a scrapbook sale. I don't have a large amount of friends here in Spokane so it isn't like I can pass on things to them. Anyone have any ideas?
Materials: Basic Grey-Urban Prairie, Bo Bunny Clover Dot and DCWV Green Woodland Weave Background Paper, Bazzil Bling Cardstock, CTMH Chocolate ink, Chipboard letters, Glitter, Buttons, Diecuts

This is something I saw at my local scrapbook store last week. I just had to take the time to pick out some pretty paper and use the diecut machine. It was so much fun to put together and just brings a smile to my face. I cut a circle of chipboard and mounted everything on it.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Flowing Creativity

Sometimes creativity flows freely and other times it is hard to get there. Over the last year I have been in both places but I have learned something in this time. Creativity is more than fabric, paper, ink and stamps. I know hard thing to believe but it is true. I strive to create a beautiful living environment for my family by making meals, doing their laundry, and organizing. It has taken me years to come to a place where I don't have to be validated for what I do. I feel good about where I am and blessed. Not many women can say they have been able to be a stay at home mom for 23 years. I don't always love what I do but learning to love my creativity has changed me and shown me that I LOVE creating things for people, even if I don't a thank you. All I've done is applied my love for creating things to my everyday life. I do it because I like to make people happy so why not make my family happy too. I can only hope that someday when I need it the most I to will be blessed by someone even if that someone is part of my family.

Materials: White Daisy, Clover Meadow, Black, Desert Sand, Bazzil Brown and Red Cardstock; Chocolate ink; Prismacolor pencils; Odorless Mineral Spirits; House Mouse How sweet stamp, saying is retired from CTMH; Making Memories letter stickers, buttons and ribbon from my stash
This is one of the latest things I have created. I don't own this stamp but was able to rent it at my local stamp store. I've always loved house mouse stamps but haven't wanted to put the investment into them. When I saw this little guy it instantly reminded me of pictures of my Granddaughter taken last spring. Her face was priceless when I gave her the strawberry! I colored him with Prismacolor pencils, then with a small paint brush used Odorless mineral spirits over my colored area. This softens any lines you may have and gives it a totally finished look. The card is going to be sent to a dear friend that loves strawberries.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A bit of sharing
Valentine's Day weekend was a quiet beautiful and I even spent a little time creating! I sent my Valentine postcards, to his office starting the first few days of February and then tucked them other places too. It was so much fun to make sure that he knows that he is so loved. Valentine's Day itself brought to me a very special and creative Valentine. So what do you think? I think he did far better than flowers or chocolate! It took a lot of red food coloring and it got covered up by snow later in the morning but at least I got a picture!! In case you can't make out what it says...Bruce -N- Juel..........I sure love him! His hands were red and I think my weed sprayer will be showing signs of it for a long time to come.

To his lovey postcards I made him this special cup, which took me until last week to finish. It was a lot of fun! Just super time consuming. I used a tall Starbucks Christmas cup and made a holder out of it. Added some Basic Grey Bittersweet papers with embellishments and more mushy stuff on the backs of the cards.

Just over two weeks and my oldest Daughter Angela will be here. So very excited! I hope we all will get along living together, it has been a while! I'm working moving things around the garage to make room for her stuff. It feels good to come to a place where you can start to let go of a few more things that you don't need. I think I am going to be up for a garage sale or maybe just a blog sale? Hhhmmmm, I'll have to think about that one.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Do you know what happens....

when you drop your keys on your stairs to pick up an empty box to take to the garbage, then lock the door to the house, shutting said door behind you? Yep, you get locked out of your house. Now mind you, this wouldn't have been to bad however add into this mix, my husband being out of town for three days, not having new friends phone numbers programed into my cell phone, not having an extra key outside and forgetting to put a battery in outside garage door opener.

So I humbly gathered myself together and went to the church behind my house. Walked into the office and asked if there was any kind and wonderful soul who could run me out to my son's high school to pick up his house key. Thankfully their was an angel of mercy!
The one thing I think will never happen beloved family will never let me forget this! Upon picking up my son's key from school, he made sure to point out to me in teasing tone which key was the house key.....oh least I can laugh at myself!! At least it didn't effect anyone but me. I seem to remember two summer's ago when my Granddaugther locked my car door because I let her hold onto my keys! Again I had an angel of mercy!!
Lesson learned.......ALWAYS check for your keys BEFORE closing locked door and NEVER give your keys to Granddaughter on a HOT summer day!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

For anyone's information

I don't drop off the face of the earth. I just get terribly busy and find myself doing other things besides blogging. Then why, oh why do I have a blog? The biggest thing is it helps me to get thoughts down somewhere besides my brain. It is a place where I can put pieces of my life that are important to me, even when they may not be important to anyone else.

I LOVE Valentine's Day!! Everything surrounding it, not the commercial end of it but the hearts, the romantic attmosphere that is in the air. Valentine's Day holds two very special things for me........One, I committed my life to the Lord Valentine's Day 1981~28 years ago. Two, the following year my heart made a serious commitment to the man I have been with ever since that day. I don't have any regrets, it is a wonderful ride!!

Have a wonderful day this weekend and if I can I will post somethings I have been working on.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday

Today is my oldest daughter Angela's Birthday, she is 23!! I remember the day I was in the hospital with her, wondering what my life was going to be with her in my life. Wondering what she was going to become and realizing my life would never be the same.

I hope you had a terrific day and a great week, sweetheart! You have turned out to be a pretty awesome young women. Many blessings to you!!