Thursday, February 12, 2009

Do you know what happens....

when you drop your keys on your stairs to pick up an empty box to take to the garbage, then lock the door to the house, shutting said door behind you? Yep, you get locked out of your house. Now mind you, this wouldn't have been to bad however add into this mix, my husband being out of town for three days, not having new friends phone numbers programed into my cell phone, not having an extra key outside and forgetting to put a battery in outside garage door opener.

So I humbly gathered myself together and went to the church behind my house. Walked into the office and asked if there was any kind and wonderful soul who could run me out to my son's high school to pick up his house key. Thankfully their was an angel of mercy!
The one thing I think will never happen beloved family will never let me forget this! Upon picking up my son's key from school, he made sure to point out to me in teasing tone which key was the house key.....oh least I can laugh at myself!! At least it didn't effect anyone but me. I seem to remember two summer's ago when my Granddaugther locked my car door because I let her hold onto my keys! Again I had an angel of mercy!!
Lesson learned.......ALWAYS check for your keys BEFORE closing locked door and NEVER give your keys to Granddaughter on a HOT summer day!!!


Anonymous said...

I can relate! I was touching up a sign, left the keys in the trunk with my purse, as I got the paint out of the trunk to touch up the sign, the trunk lid closed. Argh!! Jeffrey was in the car in his car seat. Had to go to a nearby office and call Dave to come unlock my car. Meanwhile frantic because Jeffrey was within inches, but I couldn't get to him! That was 28 + years ago, but seared into my brain! Needless to say, I never did that again. But boy was I mortified. Helen

Anonymous said...

Another story about Jeffrey, my son...and when he bought his own house, he and his wife went out to smoke, and locked themselves out and their cell phones and wiener dogs inside. Being a secure guy, especially with all his band equipment there, there was no way he could break into his own house, so he ran over to our house at midnight in his pajamas, barefoot, to get a spare key. He didn't go to the neighbors, because it was too late at night. Good thing we only lived a mile or so away! Needless to say they have a key hidden outside now, since we live 85 miles away, and can't help much from here :) Helen