Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lovely month

Despite some bad stuff that happened this month it was a really lovely month. I started both of my older daughter's wedding album and finished one, with the second well on it's way to being finished. The next LOAD will be in May and I will be focusing on layouts for each of my children. I'm so excited to be working on my children's lives and getting things done!! Thanks for coming by and visiting, it means a lot to me.
Day 24......Prompt - Dig into an old idea book for inspiration. I pulled out one magazine and didn't look at it until I sat down. It turned out to be an issue of Simple Scrapbooks, Nov/Dec 2005, page 97. O added a couple of journal spots at the top of the page.
Day 25....Prompt - Scrapbook a lesson learned, or scrapbook a new technique. I clear embossed these butterflies and then water colored them.
Day 26.......Prompt - Scrap a group, either the large photo of everyone together, or a bunch of individual photos. Getting everyone in one place for a large group photo was just not possible the day of the wedding so we have lots of shots of everyone. I just grouped them all together even using a 1 1/2" square punch for some photos.

Day 27......Prompt - create some of your own felty goodies. I made felt flowers for this layout from one of our family dinners leading up to the wedding day.

Day 28......Finish something you started. This layout goes with the one above. The flower and journaling spot do a nice job of breaking up the grid.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Now back to the regular weather?
I'm not sure about all this up and down weather! It is suppose to be over 60* this weekend, maybe time to get outside to do some Spring yard work? or I might have to result in doing our taxes....yuck.
I'm moving on to sharing a few more layouts today from the Layout A Day challenge.
Day 20......Prompt - Get your spy on and document an overheard conversation. No following prompt for me today. I've wanted to do this layout for a long time. This is my youngest with her blanket that she named Scrumpy Peas. Second page will hold the story of how the name came about.
Day 21......Prompt - Talk about your life mission. Again, not a prompt a followed but that is okay. Next time. I did the matching page of my daughter's blanket. I LOVE, LOVE using different photos from different times on pages. Here's the story: One night for dinner we were having peas. It was your Daddy or Angela who said the peas were scrumptious. Then you were asked what you thought about them. Your answer, they were scrumpy peas. It seemed to be your favorite word from there on out. It seemed only natural that your blanket receive the name because you understood the name meant good.

Day 22......Prompt - We were suppose to go deep in our journaling. Another one I just couldn't do right now. So I made a companion layout for one done earlier.

Day 23.......Prompt - Use your stash of scraps on your desk. This one comes easy when you have a wedding album you are working on! Not to many scraps but enough.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Woke up to it snowing this morning. It turned into rain and was melted off by noon. This winter has been mild for a Spokane or so I am told. I have nothing to compare it to because of all the snow we had last year.
Here's to a few more pages for the month. Coming right a long and feeling pretty good about what I'm getting done. Enjoy!!

Day 16.....Prompt - We were to follow a page sketch. If you are interested in seeing more you can go here to page maps. This is a 9x9 page which will go into my favorites album.
Day 17.....Prompt - Reuse words. I'm involved with a journaling all year group and one of our prompts this last month was to Define our lives with words. It fit in very well with this prompt.

Day 18.......Prompt -Reflect to the past for me this time last year.

Day 19.......Prompt - Repurpose, I love these pictures of my daughter and her little bowl of chippies. I saw this layout sometime ago and knew it was perfect.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Catching up
Today was a day for me to catch up on things around the house that needed to be done. Last week was a difficult one so I am playing catch up with things that got put on the back burner. It doesn't help that I am a procrastinator and would rather be playing than doing the responsible things. At least a few of the not so wonderful things are done and I can focus a little bit better now.
I've been working heavily on my oldest daughter's wedding album and I can tell you it is a challenge. With so many photos I'm trying to use as many as I can on a page without it seeming to bogged down. I have sorted pictures into different piles with notes and I print the sketch I want to use in the same pile. All these photos are from the hotel the kids stayed at their first night as husband and wife.
Day 12.....Prompt - Use a black and white photo on your layout.

Day 13.....Prompt - We had to follow this sketch. I just changed my sizes to reflect the larger photos I needed to use.

Day 14......Prompt - Use products you love. I really do love this paper by Basic Grey. I will have plenty of scraps I'm sure so I may even get a few cards out of it.
Day 15.....Prompt - Do whatever you want for your page. This is a companion page to the one above.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Loving the sunshine

I really do love the sunshine we have been having the last few days here in Spokane. Looks can be deceiving though, it might look warm but then you go outside to find out that it is only in the upper 30's. The animals of our house are loving it, they have been fighting to see who gets to the sunshine spots in the house first.

So the Layout a Day challenge continues. I can't stress enough how life changing this is for me.

Day 8........Prompt - A pile of photos you have been needing to work on. These photos plus many others from this day, are still on my desk BUT the piles are getting smaller!! My DH walking our daughter down the isle of our backyard.

Day 9........Prompt - 30 minute page. It took me this long to gather things for the page and a little more time to put it together. The cover page for my daughter's wedding album.

Day 10......Prompt - Older photos you have been wanting to use. 21 year old photos of our puppies at the time.

Day 11......Prompt - The little things people say. As my Granddaughter started to talk I wrote down her words and meanings. This goes in my favorite photos of you album which I hope to give her when she is 18.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

When Life throws you lemons

Try making layouts instead of lemonade! That is what I've been doing the last 16 days since my last post, making layouts for the Layout a Day challenge. It has been rough going but I am truly pleased with my outcomes.
On our flickr site for LOAD we were talking today about why people say that a layout isn't thier favorite but it's done or I had to do this. The question was brought up, why scrapbook it then if you don't love it? I have only had a small handful of projects that I haven't loved doing but when they were finished I ended up being pleased with what I had done. The layouts I do for my children are a labor of love. I can honestly say I do LOVE each and everyone I make for them because it takes me back to their lives.

So here is to memories! I will promise to post 4 layouts each day to get myself caught up with sharing, enjoy.

Day 4.........Prompt - Use something you have lots of. For me Ribbons and Flowers.

Day 5........Prompt - Something about me.
Day 6.......Prompt - Was to do a digital layout with a grid. I stuck with just the grid.
Day 7......Prompt - Use something with measurements on it.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Three cheers for creativity!
I'm loving how I am just getting things done, no excuses why I can't, just doing them! So here is to some fun stuff I've done recently.....yippeee!!! Enjoy! Yes, I'm just a bit excited because beautiful products just make things so much easier to love.
One of my favorite designers is Teresa Collins. This summer or fall(I can't honestly remember) she made a few kits with Heidi Swapp for a fund raiser. I didn't buy it because I already had the paper. The original idea was to make a wall hanging that you could open up to family photos. I tweaked it and made some pockets that I could just put some tags in from the same line of paper. I just love it! Be sure you check out Teresa's fundraiser for Haiti and take part if you can.

This is a flip desktop album. You can find the instructions here.....Following the Paper Trail. Take the time to look at Laura's videos, you will fall in love with all her projects!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

What a week
For the first time in 18 months my wonderful husband is away for work more than one night. I am enjoying my late night time for scrapbooking but I sure miss him lots. I'm looking forward to come home day tomorrow!
For those of you that are looking for special blog give aways, you might want to check this one out over at Whimsical Creations. She is showing one of her favorite Etsy stores and I will have to agree that Kim's store is going to be one of my favorites too! I just love bracelets that make me happy and she does just that.
LOAD is going well for me. I am extremely happy, to the point of wanting to cry just a little. Why? Well, I haven't felt this much joy in my hobby in a long time. It just feels so good to make memories real on paper. If you have never done LOAD I believe you can still sign up or you can join us in May when we will be at it again. You will not regret it! So here are layouts from the last couple of days.
Day 2.......Prompt - Dig into your stash and use something you forgot about. I used some Heidi Swapp flowers, which I didn't really forget about because they are in a jar above my desk along with some buttons. Another page for my oldest daughter's wedding, a sweet photos of my Granddaughter.

Day 3......Prompt - Oldest thing you can find in your stash and use it. I relized there are some things I have grown out of as a scrapbooker and it would be these Birthday stickers I used. They do fit well with the page so that is a good thing. A double 8x8 page for my youngest's Birthday album.

Monday, February 01, 2010


I had so much fun in October with the Layout A Day Challenge, that I'm welcoming the new year by doing it again this month. I'm so excited! I have a few kits made, photos printed and more ideas than I probably have days. That however is a good thing. So here is to a good start of the month.

Day 1.........Prompt - A New Beginning. This the cover page to my second oldest's wedding album.
So here is to a month of fun and getting stuff done that also includes for me purging my scrapbook supplies!! OOOooo, and heavens me.....using them.