Friday, February 05, 2010

Three cheers for creativity!
I'm loving how I am just getting things done, no excuses why I can't, just doing them! So here is to some fun stuff I've done recently.....yippeee!!! Enjoy! Yes, I'm just a bit excited because beautiful products just make things so much easier to love.
One of my favorite designers is Teresa Collins. This summer or fall(I can't honestly remember) she made a few kits with Heidi Swapp for a fund raiser. I didn't buy it because I already had the paper. The original idea was to make a wall hanging that you could open up to family photos. I tweaked it and made some pockets that I could just put some tags in from the same line of paper. I just love it! Be sure you check out Teresa's fundraiser for Haiti and take part if you can.

This is a flip desktop album. You can find the instructions here.....Following the Paper Trail. Take the time to look at Laura's videos, you will fall in love with all her projects!

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Anonymous said...

WOW! These are so nice! Beautiful!