Sunday, February 21, 2010

When Life throws you lemons

Try making layouts instead of lemonade! That is what I've been doing the last 16 days since my last post, making layouts for the Layout a Day challenge. It has been rough going but I am truly pleased with my outcomes.
On our flickr site for LOAD we were talking today about why people say that a layout isn't thier favorite but it's done or I had to do this. The question was brought up, why scrapbook it then if you don't love it? I have only had a small handful of projects that I haven't loved doing but when they were finished I ended up being pleased with what I had done. The layouts I do for my children are a labor of love. I can honestly say I do LOVE each and everyone I make for them because it takes me back to their lives.

So here is to memories! I will promise to post 4 layouts each day to get myself caught up with sharing, enjoy.

Day 4.........Prompt - Use something you have lots of. For me Ribbons and Flowers.

Day 5........Prompt - Something about me.
Day 6.......Prompt - Was to do a digital layout with a grid. I stuck with just the grid.
Day 7......Prompt - Use something with measurements on it.

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