Thursday, June 08, 2006

So time just seems to go by and I don't really know where it goes! When I was younger, like in elementary school.......I used to think at 40 I would be dead. Well I'm hardly that!! Thank GOD!! If I was dead I wouldn't be able to enjoy the excitement of getting ready for my first Grandchild, making fitted flannel cloth diapers and hostessing a baby shower for my daughter.
In just one week Nicole will be here!! Okay, so I'm trying to not let my excitement get away from me. I would then get overwhelmed and not be able to accomplish anything that I need to get done!!! If that happens then my horrible migrains enter the scene. Nope just don't want that!!
It is also times like today that I miss Angela. I know, I know she calls me 4 to 5 times a week depending on what her schedule is BUT I can't help trying to figure out a way for her to take part in the fun. HHHhhhhmmmm........maybe she needs to be available by phone for the baby shower? I will have to see what she thinks of the idea, being two hours ahead of us she might be up to late.
School also gets out next Tuesday for the summer. Okay so I am just not ready for this!! I think I am going to take advantage of it though and get some deep cleaning done in the garage. Maybe even paint a room or two!! Oh and next week also marks the start of Little League city tournament. My son's team is in first place so here we go up against the best in the valley!! Hold on it's going to be a long ride!!