Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Well, last week was a busy week! Spent time getting everything ready for my get a way weekend! As usual I took WAY to much to work on BUT did get a lot done!! A couple of scrapbook gifts have been started and I'm so excited to give them I can hardly stand it! That always happens though ;o) It was so much FUN! There were 22 of us this year and we managed to throw a secret baby shower for one of the gals that attended. She has three boys and is pregnant with a little girl!! So everything into he shower was PINK related. Pink balloons, Pink M&M's, other Pink candy, Pink on the cake, Pink packages and ALOT of Pink clothes!!! Well there was a lot of Citrus Green too!! After all we are the Citrus Sisters. I stayed up late until 3am two nights in a row. I get to play catch up on sleep this week while still being a mom and wife. All this while doing my best to NOT be terribly cranky!! Wish me luck!! lol

Friday, April 14, 2006

Yippeeeee!! It's FRIDAY!!! I just LOVE the weekend a chance to just BE!! No errands inless I want to and only if I didn't get to it durning the week.
Tomorrow marks opening ceremonies for Little League. The season is off to a GREAT start!! We have won the first two games!! My son Ethen got two hits in the first game and the second game was watching the ball then getting to first, which led to a run! We are pretty excited about the team this year.
Only 6 days until my yearly get away with my girlfriends!!! 2 1/2 days of scrapbooking, NO responsibilites and staying up late if I want to!! I soooo need this time!!!
Mil/Fil are in town for a few days. I have to admit it has been fun having them here. I'm so glad we now get along. I remember the days when we didn't.........lol. They weren't good but we have all since moved past those days. The days are now full of laughter and I like that very much!!
I watched a clip at youth group last night. They were interviewing people off the streets, asking them what the true meaning of Easter was. MOST everyone didn't even know, that is VERY disturbing to me. In case you are reading this and you don't know.........Easter isn't about Fuzzy Bunnies, Easter egg hunts and candy, it is about this wonderful man called Jesus. He was crucified on a cross for your sins, died and three days later rose from the dead. He is an incredible GOD!! To do that just for me/you and all our short comings is truely a selfless act.
Have a blessed weekend!!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Life has been crazy!! It is proving to be an interesting week. Over the weekend I get a phone call from my mil/fil asking if they can stay at our house for a couple of days. They would come in Saturday and leave early Monday so I'm thinking ya we can make that work. They are in the middle of jobs so they do a lot of traveling right now. So yesterday morning I get this call asking if we would mind them staying a couple of extra days. They said we will be there Wednsday so who shows up after dinner tonight?? aaaarrrggghhh!!! Really they aren't bad but I was really hoping to have my house a little cleaner. Oh well life goes on!!
Little League season started last night.(we won 13 to 0) This will be Ethen's last year playing inless he decides to play ball in school. It is kinda become something we do every spring. It will feel weird next year but I'm getting ahead of myself. I hope the season goes well for him and then team. He did hit two balls last night which for him is top notch!!!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Welcome to anyone that visits here today. I am so new to this that I feel out of place but I'm sure sometime soon it won't seem so odd. This is my little corner of the world, where I can just put my thoughts down and who knows I may just help someone along the way!! Blessings