Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Well, last week was a busy week! Spent time getting everything ready for my get a way weekend! As usual I took WAY to much to work on BUT did get a lot done!! A couple of scrapbook gifts have been started and I'm so excited to give them I can hardly stand it! That always happens though ;o) It was so much FUN! There were 22 of us this year and we managed to throw a secret baby shower for one of the gals that attended. She has three boys and is pregnant with a little girl!! So everything into he shower was PINK related. Pink balloons, Pink M&M's, other Pink candy, Pink on the cake, Pink packages and ALOT of Pink clothes!!! Well there was a lot of Citrus Green too!! After all we are the Citrus Sisters. I stayed up late until 3am two nights in a row. I get to play catch up on sleep this week while still being a mom and wife. All this while doing my best to NOT be terribly cranky!! Wish me luck!! lol

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