Friday, April 14, 2006

Yippeeeee!! It's FRIDAY!!! I just LOVE the weekend a chance to just BE!! No errands inless I want to and only if I didn't get to it durning the week.
Tomorrow marks opening ceremonies for Little League. The season is off to a GREAT start!! We have won the first two games!! My son Ethen got two hits in the first game and the second game was watching the ball then getting to first, which led to a run! We are pretty excited about the team this year.
Only 6 days until my yearly get away with my girlfriends!!! 2 1/2 days of scrapbooking, NO responsibilites and staying up late if I want to!! I soooo need this time!!!
Mil/Fil are in town for a few days. I have to admit it has been fun having them here. I'm so glad we now get along. I remember the days when we didn' They weren't good but we have all since moved past those days. The days are now full of laughter and I like that very much!!
I watched a clip at youth group last night. They were interviewing people off the streets, asking them what the true meaning of Easter was. MOST everyone didn't even know, that is VERY disturbing to me. In case you are reading this and you don't know.........Easter isn't about Fuzzy Bunnies, Easter egg hunts and candy, it is about this wonderful man called Jesus. He was crucified on a cross for your sins, died and three days later rose from the dead. He is an incredible GOD!! To do that just for me/you and all our short comings is truely a selfless act.
Have a blessed weekend!!

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