Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Life has been crazy!! It is proving to be an interesting week. Over the weekend I get a phone call from my mil/fil asking if they can stay at our house for a couple of days. They would come in Saturday and leave early Monday so I'm thinking ya we can make that work. They are in the middle of jobs so they do a lot of traveling right now. So yesterday morning I get this call asking if we would mind them staying a couple of extra days. They said we will be there Wednsday so who shows up after dinner tonight?? aaaarrrggghhh!!! Really they aren't bad but I was really hoping to have my house a little cleaner. Oh well life goes on!!
Little League season started last night.(we won 13 to 0) This will be Ethen's last year playing inless he decides to play ball in school. It is kinda become something we do every spring. It will feel weird next year but I'm getting ahead of myself. I hope the season goes well for him and then team. He did hit two balls last night which for him is top notch!!!

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