Monday, April 07, 2014


Yet again I learned a lesson the last couple of weeks about pain...if any of your teeth are hurting for any reason go to the dentist! 

After my surgery in December my jaw joint was hurting like crazy.  I chalked it up to being under pain, a little stress with the holidays and all the adjustments that have been being made to my schedule so far this year.  Well, with face swelling and pain not going away, even with Tylenol it was time to do something.  Dentist didn't even need to see me before he put me on antibiotics to make it through the weekend until I could get into seeing him the following week.  A couple of x-rays later a root cancel was needed. They got into the damaged tooth only to find 2 more that needed to be done.  So I can tell you this.....3 root cancels in one day isn't fun especially when it has to be taken care of through a crown.  I wouldn't even wish it on my worst enemy!  It turned out that some decay got underneath my crown so today marks the day I go in to have it replaced.

To all of this, you can add two of our cats needing to go in for dental surgery to have a few of their own teeth removed.  Cats teeth actually will rot if they don't fall out and can start causing other issues.  With our oldest Sneakers it showed up in bad scabs on his face.  At least now they are happy cats, overly happy.

Tomorrow I meet with a personal trainer to work on getting in shape so I can just feel good all over.  I sure hope everyone in the house remains healthy for the rest of the year!!