Monday, May 22, 2006

It managed to cool down outside the last few day but it remains muggy just because it has been raining. My son's game even got rained out Saturday morning........sooooo we said it was a good inning instead of a good game. It will be rescheduled for after June 3rd, starting where we left off Home Team 6, Vistors 1.....with us in the lead!! Got to love the boys who brought in runs with mud on their pants. Ethen managed to get himself muddy and told me it was an accident. HA......don't believe that one for a second!!
This weekend was also our neighborhoods annual work day. We have about 25-30 families in the neighborhood that our in the association BUT only 3-5 families ever show up to help get the pool up and going. This year was different we had over a dozen people show.(missed you here girls!!) Dang it made everything go so smoothly and we were all heading home by 1pm!! That had to be a record and it feels good to just have it done!! My job is to keep the pool clean for the summer. I really enjoy it but by the end of the pool season I'm ready for it to close. Really an hour a day is all it really takes in less problems develop. It gives me something to do plus gives the family Christmas money!! That is the BIG plus!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Well, it has been almost a month since the last time I even made a post. Life is so crazy with Baseball Season which we are coming to the end of. My son's team is 10 and 1, so we are in good standing to be in first or second place in our league. I'm amazed though how tense the coach can get over a game. I guess, I'm just a laid back person and remembering they are just boys having fun. The heat has stepped up the last few days and it is WAY HOT!! Over 90* but nice in cool in the house. It has been years since we have had air conditioning! I'm relearning to truely enjoy the cooler house and even tempatures inside.