Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Dust is settling

AND I do believe fall is starting to settle in. The nights and mornings are cooler, makes me want to pull up a good book and stay under a blanket all day. However, the days make me want to get out and soak up as much sunshine with more temperatures as I can. Daytime is still like mid-summer, 75* to 85*........I really do love this time of year.

Angela and her new family were on their way back to their home last Wednesday. I was sad to see them go but also knowing it was time for me to settle back into a real routine. It is amazing how tired I was after they left. Somehow you just seem to push through each day getting things done but I do believe I am getting caught up on my sleep.

I couldn't decide what pictures to post of the wedding so I made a little slide show. I wouldn't normally do one but with wanting to share so many pictures it seemed like the best option. Just scroll down and enjoy!

October is fast approaching and I will be taking part in the LayOut A Day Challenge(LOAD) with Lain Ehmann. I haven't done this in such a long time! I'm hoping that it will be a good start to Christmas presents I have planned for my children.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I'm finally starting to be able to catch my breath and breathe. I have breathing room and it feels so good as I believe fall is starting to settle in.
The wedding was a magical day indeed. The whole week leading up to the wedding was relaxed and full of fun. We had family dinners with family from out of town, late nights playing cards, laughing and time getting to know my son-in-law and grandson. Nothing like getting a two for one special. My heart was forever lost to this little guy when he knew I wasn't feeling good and he picked me a daisy. He came up with the idea all on his own with no prompting from his Daddy. Yep, my heart melted and I started to feel better.
The cupcakes and cake turned out beautiful even if we did have some snafu's with the frosting. It is most important to make butter cream frosting a little thicker than what you think you will need because if you don't it will melt before you are done frosting!
More wedding photos to come. I am going to attempt to put them on a photo loop so I can share more than just a few, so stay tuned.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Happy September!
The back deck is finished and just in time! We had a rain storm the day after I finished painting, not bad timing if I do say so myself.
Back deck before painting:

Back deck after painting:

My oldest daughter is here now with her soon to be husband and they brought along his 3 year old son. For the first day the house was in an uproar, pour little guy didn't want to be out of daddy's sight and wasn't even really sure what he wanted. He was so tired! He is now fitting in very well to his surroundings, loves going up and down stairs and LOVES the tramoline! So all is good in the McDonald house.

Family from out of state has arrrived to join in the days before the wedding excitement. Having family here is just what I need, it helps me to remember what this weekend is all about. I'm far more relaxed than I exspected to be and it is so nice. Bruce is on vacation this week, which makes life so much sweeter.
Today is our last full day of just relaxing, no real agenda. Honestly, I've tried really hard to set goals for the things that need to be done on a daily basis and leaving our afternoon/evenings free to do whatever. Tomorrow and Thursday we purchase the food we need for Saturday. Thursday we also do our baking of the wedding cake and cupcakes, followed on Friday by frosting everything. I just hope I am going to be able to keep everyone's fingers out of the frosting!!