Monday, February 22, 2010

Loving the sunshine

I really do love the sunshine we have been having the last few days here in Spokane. Looks can be deceiving though, it might look warm but then you go outside to find out that it is only in the upper 30's. The animals of our house are loving it, they have been fighting to see who gets to the sunshine spots in the house first.

So the Layout a Day challenge continues. I can't stress enough how life changing this is for me.

Day 8........Prompt - A pile of photos you have been needing to work on. These photos plus many others from this day, are still on my desk BUT the piles are getting smaller!! My DH walking our daughter down the isle of our backyard.

Day 9........Prompt - 30 minute page. It took me this long to gather things for the page and a little more time to put it together. The cover page for my daughter's wedding album.

Day 10......Prompt - Older photos you have been wanting to use. 21 year old photos of our puppies at the time.

Day 11......Prompt - The little things people say. As my Granddaughter started to talk I wrote down her words and meanings. This goes in my favorite photos of you album which I hope to give her when she is 18.

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