Friday, June 27, 2008

More Moving

Is there anyone in this world that really likes to move? To you I give you a high five! I've decided for me that moving just sucks.

My scrapbook room is 75% complete and these are most of my boxes. Okay, well maybe there are a few missing because they are housed in the Yes, a lot of stuff but it will be time to do some serious sorting when I set up my new space. I just couldn't do it all before the move, so this just means I will have something big to do over the summer.

So it is official, we own our new home in Spokane, here's to owning two homes at once! Hope that doesn't last long. My step-mom was willing to drive the kids and I up to Spokane on Wednesday. I was just a little freaked out on driving by myself. I know, that I'm going to have to get use to driving it on my own so it was nice of her to be willing to do that. No sight seeing this time except for showing her the house. The kids love it and their rooms. The kids seemed mostly amazed about how green everything was and it really dawned on them that they are going to be 'real' city kids. I feel some ground rules coming on! Any advice?

This is our backyard, complete with trampoline left behind from the previous owners. Kids are voting to keep it, while dear hubby sees it as a emergency room visit waiting to happen. We shall see who wins out by next weekend.

The official moving date starts this upcoming Monday with our first load and the second following on Wednesday. DH thinks I have more than him because I have smaller boxes........hhhhhmmmm, not sure about that one. I did tell him at closing that he doesn't have any room to talk about what I spend on my scrapbooking supplies because of his two BIG hobbies, photography and music.(big amplifiers, guitar toys and at least 5 cameras) I guess we all learn to bend over the years for each other. This is just half of his room!

I will update more when I can. We make the calls to hook up the utilities in the new house today plus get our phone transferred, which means I will more than likely loose my Internet connection for a few days. I just have to remind myself that this to shall pass. I'll be back catching everyone up soon!

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Gerriann said...

welcome to Spokane!

I have lived here forever it seems! What part of town are you living?