Saturday, June 07, 2008

Just keeping busy......

Nothing new on the house. The weather around here has been weird which doesn't lend itself well to showing houses. sigh So we wait, mean while having to do everything we can to not get stressed out. It doesn't always work, it just gets to you not having a place to call your own. The kids are out of school offically Tuesday at 10am. So God if you are reading this.......please don't make us wait to much longer before an offer.

In trying to keep myself busy I am doing more sorting of things. This week the goal is to pack more boxes and my rolling scrapbook bag. That way when we do move, at least I can have a few projects to keep me creative at the new house. Speaking of being creative, I've been up to a few things and they have helped so much in keeping my stress level down. A few of the things I have been holding onto are dried flowers that belong to my oldest daughter from all of her dances. The decision was made to not take them with us when we move so I found these great frames with a felt background, mounted the flowers inside the frames then sent them on there way to my oldest daugther. Hope she enjoys them! The one to the right is a bouquet of flowers I gave to her for her 16th birthday. I had even found a teddy bear to match the coral colored roses. I think adding the picture of the bear was a nice touch.

At my local scrapbook store some wonderful paper came in! Well, most all of it is wonderful! My downfall beautiful and fun papers!! So here is to fun with some K&Company paper with the cutest mushrooms on it!! This is a stand up 5x7 arylic frame.

Have a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by for a visit.

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Stampin n da Hood said...

wowza! great idea with the flowers!
Have tons of those corsages, too!

Oooooooh! the babies!!!

Don't worry 'bout the'll sell, I just KNOW it!