Wednesday, December 29, 2010


The snow is lightly falling this morning, my house is quiet for now and I am sitting her reflecting on the past year, wondering what the New Year will hold. 

This year has been a bumpy road for our family, right now we are in the process of reinventing who we are and it isn't easy.  We have always been able to see our family life in front of us, the things we do together as a team or even separately, life is different.  So many unanswered questions of 'what now', it is overwhelming.  I know in time all things will become clear but to be involved with church for years then to not have it in your life is unsettling.  I was changing, starting to feel comfortable again and trust that I could step back into a church building without the fear of being hurt.  Circumstances now have brought us to the point where we needed to leave the church we had started to call our home, we couldn't stay.  You can't go into a place where you don't feel safe, especially with your family.  It was a matter of how things were handled, it wasn't right and our family was hurt. 

Now, we move forward to a New Year.  All our paths open to what will be in store for us.  Some paths we can see others we can not.  So for now, I will do what is best for me.  I will rest, pray and restore me.  I will stop worrying about a past I can't change, forgive myself and others.  I will find peace this next year.

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