Monday, December 20, 2010

Comany is coming

It has been a lovely few days getting our house ready for company.  Yep, just a few guests and soon our house will be full of laughter I am sure.  Today marks the day I am done with my shopping and my pages for Journal Your Christmas are coming together nicely.  I am finding that as each page goes by there is healing and I love it.  As I finish each page I find myself saying 'oh this is my favorite page', then the next day I say the same thing.  I can't but help laugh at myself.
Day 10, Some of my favorite gift wrap

Day 11, The Christmas Tree or should I say trees.  I love having them in the window.  Also a story of a past Christmas tree.

Day 12, A Christmas past.....I don't have a lot of photos of my own Christmas's.  I scanned my photos I do have, before I scrapbooked the orginals so then it allows me to do fun things like this.  I printed this out as index prints and then used the strip.  Then a picture of me with Santa, my daughter says I still make that face. 

Day 13, This page is an acrylic page.  Love how I can see the quote for day 14 and then the word past once the page is turned.  I am enjoying not using photos unless I happen to have one that will work.

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