Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Day After Christmas

Yesterday was a nice day, that wasn't filled with lots of pressure.  My daughter and I were out numbered by the male numbers in the house so there was a lot of guy talks.  We put a ham in the roaster the night before so it was all ready for eating mid afternoon.  To that we added green beans and scalloped potatoes, pretty simple and good.  Our Uncle Ray did the dishes which was so sweet.  The rest of the evening was just spent sitting around talking.

As for Journal Your Christmas, it has been a success for me. I have a couple of more days to finish up and I am hoping to do those tomorrow.  If I do anything more for the next few days they may just be half pages of what we are doing until everyone goes back to school/work.  Family left today to get ahead of the weather so the house is abnormally quiet.  I think I am going to go visit with my sewing machine.

Day 21, The reality of how the house looks.  Past years I have always been ahead of the game on keeping up with things, not this year and honestly I am okay with that.

Day 22,  The things still left to do.  I decided on a Rum Cake that turned out beautiful.  This page was made from some Making Memories packaging and the deer is from a Starbucks food bag.  I just cut it out and glued it down. 

Day 23, The story of our stockings will go here  as soon as I get the photo printed. 

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stacyj said...

I so LOVE your Christmas Journal. The page with the stamps is such a happy thing.