Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas bustle

It was beautiful here in Spokane yesterday so my youngest daughter, a friend of hers and I took part of the day and just walked around downtown.  We stopped at a downtown starbucks with no hurry up involved.  It was fun to watch people some in their Christmas finest and caring bags of gifts.  I don't miss the hustle and bustle.  I am loving being able to slow down!   

Day 14, Just a little bit about gifts and how I feel about gift giving.  I cut down a set of baseball card protectors.  Love the half one at the top with added ribbon to look like a package.

Day 15, All about our vistors coming and a page left for photos. 

Day 16, What I am most Grateful for.  The back page is a full sheet journaling paper for my special thoughts. 

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