Thursday, December 16, 2010

Simple enjoyment

Enjoying the bit of sunshine we are having today, it is so nice but cold.  I have been taking my afternoons and doing a little bit of shopping the last few days.  I think I am done except for a few more stocking stuffers!  I have to dare the mall......wish I could avoid it but I need to see if I can get a dvd I'm looking for.  I really don't want to order it online in less I need to.

Here are few more days to share of Journal Your Christmas album.  Hopefully it will give the family that can't be with us a little glimpse into our lives. 

Day 3, just a bit about why I don't make many Christmas cards like I use to and a recipe that is a favorite around the holidays.

Day 4, What is your thought on a perfect Christmas?

Day 5, Traditions and remembering fun things seem to go hand in hand this time of year.

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