Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Where has this month gone?

It seems like time is speeding up and I've hit about every speed bump in my week. With DH and son gone this past weekend the week is just dragging. Tomorrow is Thursday and I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful the weekend is looking.

It is soooo cold that all I want to do is just stay home and be in my sweatpants. However, life just doesn't seem to work like that. Life seems to be full of things to do, and you always have to buy groceries when your kids are hungry....go Then there are problems with the computer..........don't even get me started!!

So to my Layout a Day I go..........
Day 13, My Granddaughter learning to go UP the stairs all by herself with some supervision.

Day 14, Pages for our Family pet album. They all do so many cute things!! I seriously think animals are put on this earth to entertain their humans.(and love them too). Our kitten Sneakers was 6 weeks old in the top photos and 18 months in the bottom ones. They still play like this!!

Day 15, A little more playing at 6 weeks old.

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Stampin n da Hood said...

These are just darling!