Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Have you ever just wondered if a gift you give makes a difference to anyone? Over the years I've given countless Scrapbooking gifts and sometimes I wonder if they are even used OR if I walk into my local goodwill if it will be there. I know that is probably the extreme but what has happened to people sending Thank-you cards? Is my gift any less than important than lets say, a blender or hair dryer? It leaves me wondering.
I've been Scrapbooking for 18 yrs and most of what I've done hasn't been for my children. Sad, I know however that is on the wind of change for me. Things have been put into perspective the last few months. Something I noticed, I no longer need to show my work to anyone for approval. I remember finishing the latest project, only to try find anyone to share my new found creation with. I would receive a good ole pat on the back, which then would make me feel good about myself. It only lasted a little while and it ended making me feel empty inside. I like the new me, one that doesn't strive to make things for the approval of others. I can make layouts for my children knowing that I'm leaving something for them, when I leave this world.
I would still like a thank you from the people I do give gifts to. I just don't hold my breath anymore, but have learned how to breathe.

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