Wednesday, September 07, 2011

A bit differant

It's been awhile and things are just a bit different now.  Out of summer, into school and heading towards fall weather, that is what my little family is all about right now.  My son is a Senior and my daughter is a Sophomore......time just keeps ticking by, much to my dislikes.  I am however enjoying where my life is right now and that is the biggest reason for such the long breaks in between posts. 

My handsome son.  These are actually the second day of school because the first day was just to busy to remember that I needed to take pictures.

My beautiful daughter.  Still rushing out the door to catch the bus.  Yes, she is always this happy if she isn't something is very wrong!!

Blogging just has to take a back burner sometimes I am feeling less and less guilty about it.  I promised to show you a project I worked on this summer and I will do that tomorrow!  Thanks for showing up and listening in about my life.

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