Wednesday, January 20, 2010

One simple Truth

Truth be told: I feel broken with the changes going on in my body. I know it is just a process that I need to walk through but it doesn't make it fun.

I use too think that I wouldn't have to much of a problem with my emotions as I started though pre-menopause. The truth be told I am not having an easy time. My emotions are all over the place and most of the time hard to sort out. I find my mood changing from being happy one minute, then to anger the next...over stupid things that shouldn't matter at all. Over the last few months I have had more stress headaches and migraines than I have had in forever. Don't even get my started on how horrible the night sweats are!

Truth be told sometimes I just want to run away from it all but then I know it will follow me. It isn't easy to remain positive on a daily basis but if I don't I would be a crumbled mess. I know the next few years are going to hold it's challenges but oh dear God hear my with me because truth be told I am NOTHING without you and can't do it alone.


Stampin n da Hood said...

and wasn't HIM who sayeth:
this too soon shall pass?

hang in there gf!

Kathy said...

Juel, I know what you are talking about! This is another stage of life we must go through, hard as it is. So in the mean time, know you are not alone!