Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Why does summer have to seem like it is crazy sometimes??!! When I was a child the dog days of summer just seemed to drag and now they just go by fast. You try to fit everything in and so before you know it is time to by school supplies and clothes.
Son's team took 3rd place in the city tournament for Little League. That was fun! Nicole came home for a week, we had her baby shower in which she got a lot of cool things. She took each of her younger siblings for a week which turned out to be a great time for everyone.
Now we are in the home stretch of waiting for Miss Piper to make her appearance it is way easier for me than it is for Nicole though. The waiting has brought back memories of what it was like to be pregnant with all of my children. It has also helped me to realize how much I love each one of them, even when we don't seem to be getting along well at times.
My mil/fil are living with us right now. The job they have isn't going well and they are both looking for work. I hope something happens for them soon. I'm glad we all have a good relationship BECAUSE if we didn't we wouldn't be getting along very well. She has been helping around the house which I am thankful for because it has freed me up to organize my scrapbook area. I think I am finally becoming comfortable in my space!!
It has been WAY HOT this year, hotter than ever. I think we are in for a hard winter, that is the way it usually happens around here. Well back to organizing, watching a disney movie with my youngest and a few more chores before bed.

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