Thursday, September 21, 2006

Well, I think I am finally caught up with the house after inlaws living with us. I'm exausted and sleeping well for the most part at night so that is good.
The weather has changed to fall. The leaves are starting to turn colors and as all of my children have said since they were little......"you can see your hhhhh's this morning". Translation....."you can see your breath this morning" goes by so fast!! You always think you will never make it through the next stage of your life BUT it is like the seasons. They are forever changing and in the end they are beautiful.
Speaking of change, our house color has finally changed! It has taken Bruce and I, 5 years to decide on house colors. It was so worth the wait. NOW, I'm ready to start painting the bad I can't pay someone to do that too!
We will have visitors in a few hours and I can't wait!! Nicole, Paul and Piper are coming into town. It should be fun for all. Great Great Grandparents are going to be here tomorrow so we are looking forward to getting a 5 generation picture of everyone.
Back to work for me just a few more errands to get out of the way. It is so nice when your house is clean, it helps you to remember to take time out for yourself!!

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