Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Loved the class!!

Can I say just how much I loved Wilna's class. It really helped me to get my creative side back in line! It sure is a struggle when you can't find your place!! So here are a few things that we made that I have finished. I had to take a break from fun stuff to finish a wedding present scrapbook that should have been done 7 months ago! Terrible I know but sometimes life just gives big curve balls and you end up going in an unknown direction. I just have to remember that today is a NEW DAY! When I was living closer to my Granddaughter I would pick her up once a week if I could and we would go for 'coffee'. I would get real coffee and she would get her chocolate milk which she believes to be coffee. This little miss has also been known to sneak some of her mommy's coffee when she isn't looking! Both of the pictures of one of our outings.This photo is of the man I share my coffee with every morning on the couch. It is a silly picture taken at a local park with us sitting on the metal goat. He is actually kinda cool because he actually eats garbage if you give it to him.I ended up making this little album for my Mother so she could keep it in her purse. I filled it with photos of her and my Dad with their great grandbabies. She got it in the mail the other day and called to say it was very special. I like making people's day!


Lynette said...

At are blogging again. You really made the canvasses your own with your little touches.

Anonymous said...

well you can make my day anytime you want, all I ever get in the mail is bills! Missed you one here, glad to see you are back :) Helen

Stampin n da Hood said...

oh so cuuuute!
Glad to see you back in the saddle with art and posting