Wednesday, September 17, 2008


It isn't for me to ask why things happen in my life. I know, it is a statement that some people just have to ask but I try very hard to stay away from. If I allow myself to go their sometimes it is easy for me to get caught up in it. I find myself wallowing in self pity and that doesn't make it all better. I don't want others to feel sorry for me and bringing that kind of attention to myself isn't what I want.

I however have been reflecting over the past 9 months and I just wish I could take some of it away. The BIGGEST thing that I KNOW is through all of this stuff......some I have shared here.....He is HIGHER!! Nothing else matters, the good, the bad and even the ugly. He knows what HE is doing........I don't need to worry He has my bases covered and He is taking care of me for, forever and always. Please take time today to listen to this from Hillsong, it may just change your life.

I have the awesome privilege to take Wilna's class. What a wonderful group of women I'm getting acquainted with from all over the world. There are 100 of us! I don't know what would happen if we all chatted at the same time though, scary

Well back to balancing I go, regular chores, shower, and sorting a pile of patterned paper mess. Then I will KNOW where it all is instead of being in 5 different places.


almadr said...

just to say hi ;-) and i'm glad we met through Wilna's class.
have a blessed evening

Lynette said...

Hi Juel...I think we all wish we can change some things...but you know I have learned that God allows that we become stronger and learn. Every wrong choice leads to a lesson. God is in control.

Grammy and Olivia said...

I don't know what the challenges are that you have faced, but your perspective is just right. I listened to the song-- I hadn't heard it before. Beautiful and so true.

Simply-Mel said...

And so we grow, through challenges our faith and dependence on Him grows. Hang in there.

I am so sorry I missed out on Wilnas class. I hope you will share some of your creations with us sometime

melodyross said...

Juel...I wanted to come by and say HI and give you a big huge hug...thanks so much for "missing" my feels so healing to be "missed"...really...thanks for being so thoughtful to post on my blog.
melody ross