Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's Spring

It really is spring!! It is here, everywhere!!

I read somewhere this week, that in order for true creativity and passion to happen it occassionally needs to be turned off.

I will have to say there is a lot of truth to those words. After a year of being silent in my hobby with only a few scrapbook pages done I can finally say I am finding my muse!!!

I am back to taking myself out for a day at Startbucks, once a week. I don't go and just pick it up but I sit. Sometimes I write or even draw. I never know what will come of it. The one thing I can be sure of is that I am recieving a peace and calmness that I haven't felt in over a year.

I'm slowing down long enough to take care of me and it feels very good. Something else, a creative side of myself is coming out on a differant level. A level that I could have never exspected.

I'm enjoying my journey. Enjoy yours today~take care of YOU!

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Kathy said...

Juel, I am so glad you are finding peace again! With so much that has gone on, it is difficult to slow down to take time to smell the roses.

I know in my case, I always took care of everyone else and forgot to take care of me. That happens to us women, then we realize WE are just as important as everyone else!

God bless you, my dear, as you go on this journey, and know you are not alone. May you discover your true creative self.

Hugs, to you and your family.