Monday, January 24, 2011

A four day migraine really puts a damper on one's life.  I woke up with it, early last week.  It was frustrating because I normally have some kind of sign but not this time.  I have learned over the years to just push through the pain, instead of feeling sorry for myself.  Feeling sorry for myself doesn't make it better.  I nap when I can(even if it is for only 10 minutes), drink plenty of water and put more protein in my diet.  Creating makes me feel better to, so I am in and out of my corner quite a bit.

So despite the week I was able to do a few things for the Soul Restoration class I am taking.  It feels so good to have something physical, that can help me to remember not to let stuff bother me.  To help me to remember that everyday I can choose to listen to my Truthteller.  Everyone's Truthteller is differant, mine just happens to be God.  He is the foremost in my life and the one I make a choice everyday to listen to. 

Cover:  This took the longest time to figure out what I wanted to do.  When I think of what makes me happy so much comes to mind and it makes it hard to choose.  I started by creating the white flower out of white cardstock and then covered it in Mod Podge so it would hold up to being on the cover.  The colored flowers came from my stash and were also covered with Mod Podge.  After they completely dried they took on the look of leather, very cool.  The butterfly was embossed onto white cardstock and colored in with Distress inks.  You can't tell by the photo but I then cover it with Glossy Accents to give it a nice shine.  Same thing is done with the Closed for Restoration sign.  I love everything about this cover.

A few pages:  I so enjoyed the process of creating my house and all the backgrounds.  It has taken me years to be okay with who I am and to take care of me.  The daisies and ladybugs are stickers I found in my stash.  They took on a real cool look after everything was covered in Mod Podge because a few of the flowers lifted up on the edges, giving a little dimension to the page.  The flowers on the last page shown here are again covered with Mod Podge and I added some Martha Stewart clear mirco beads to the center of the flowers.


Kelly said...

Love your book, Juel!

scrapwordsmom said...

These pages are simply stunning. Your house is beautiful and all those gorgeous flowers around your Truthteller!!! Love it!

dawn13 said...

Hi Juel,
Your artwork is so gorgeous! I smile everytime I see it. Thanks for sharing All that you do.
A BGC member & admirer, Dawn B.