Tuesday, January 10, 2012

10 Things

Really?  The tenth of the month already?  I swear time seems to be going by faster these days so in the effort to slow down I have decided to start my year by posting a few favorite things about December......  

My wonderful fun finds from an Antique Show....an old suitcase that is being used to store my Grandbabies toys, a wooden tool chest, a wooden turquoise tray and a Teddy Bear

Christmas flowers, they were a gift that helped me to slow down to enjoy their beauty and to remember spring is on its way.  

New ornament in memory of my Mom

Nicole and the babies, that are living with us know.  Aren't they all beautiful?   

Happy face because of the perfect gift!!  This was great!!  We had a girls day out with some friends at an antique show.  My daughter found this beautiful sweater she wanted and took me to see it.  By the time we got to the booth, it was gone.  She just didn't know I was the one who purchased it...lol, with a little help from my girlfriend and the sales lady! 

Morning winter sunrises that take your breath away and help you to remember who is in control.

A little bit of quiet time.  Finally found something to keep the little ones busy while we make dinner.

Lazy afternoon naps with special furry friends

Papa and baby Sage getting to know each other.

This Beautiful Book, it was my Great Grandmother's and was given to her for Christmas 1914...almost 100 years old.  I've joined the Book of Days and I am so excited to alter this.  It has been falling apart for years and can't wait to make it into something wonderful.

 Welcome 2012 please be kind to me!! 



Sandie said...

That is an amazing book of your Great Grandmothers. I think it is a wonderful idea to perserve it, not sure if I could alter it though, making change is something I am working hard on!! Good luck with your project and good popping over to see your 10 things.

scrapwordsmom said...

All wonderful, beautiful things!! So happy to hear you are in Body Restoration!! Did you do the live chat this morning?? I loved it! Thanks for stopping by...I always love coming for a visit!!