Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I'm figuring it all out, finally!  After 6 weeks of 4 extra people in our home, 3 of those being 5 and under....I'm rediscovering my creative time.  It is so nice!  I'm so enjoying the creative process of my altered book through the Book of Days.  Once you get past the nerves of what you are actually doing to a old book, you can really begin to have fun.

My cover, when I thought of my word for the year Peace, I knew I needed to have it on my cover.  This magazine clipping seemed to fit perfectly.  I've always found Peace at the ocean, it takes me to a quiet place and helps center me.  All the hearts are torn from pieces a magazine, inked, and covered in a crackle medium so it looks like broken glass.  The image of the woman on the front is covered in rock candy crackle.....Now let me pass on some advice....IF you do this do NOT put it on a vintage piece you care about.  The crackle turned so fine that it actually started to flake off the image so I had to go back on cover it with liquid glass which was a life saver.  I also took pieces of sea glass and shells from my times at the beach, then attatched them with liquid glass.  The spine is some beautiful gold wrapping paper crinkled and inked brown.  The shell photos were found off the internet. 

Inside the cover of this book are three names, two cousins and then my Great Grandmother.  Pretty awesome!  I printed off copies of original photos of my family members and put them next to their names.  Background is created with a walnut spray with a tree mask from Tattered Angels.

Things to remember to do in 2012, this page really speaks for itself.

It's a start and makes me pretty happy!  I was also gifted a place in Melody Ross's Body Restoration.  I am enjoying it and taking it slow just like I did with Soul Restoration.  I am more likely to stick with the program in the long run if I do.

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Effy said...

This is really gorgeous! I love the oceanic theme on your cover! xo