Friday, February 10, 2012

Best laid plans.....

I started this post almost two weeks ago!  Life is loud and busy right now.  It got busier when my handsome husband got a new job!  We are over the moon excited but he is going to have to do some more traveling.  He is my rock, supporter and picks up the slack when I just need to go to my corner.....or my square as my Grandson calls it.  I have been meaning to share this for months, hope it helps you.     

In December 2011 I traveled to Nebraska to help my family go through my Mom's things.  I knew it was going to be one of the most stressful things emotionally so I wanted to make sure that I packed my to go.  I searched online for people that had packed art for trips but only came up with a hand full of people.  I had intended to post this as soon as I got back from my trip but life was just busy.  I hope you enjoy and maybe it will help you on your next trip.

First I took a shopping trip to Ross which is similar to TJMax and I found this......a nice deep cosmetic bag that opens up in the middle.  The only bad thing is on my way home one of the handles popped out so I now have a little sewing project to do.

This is what I packed inside.......2 journals, one that I am already working on with Suzi and one that was given to me by a special friend.  One 6" ruler, a brush that I use only for Mod Podge, my box of colored pencils that I use for drawing faces and a tin that holds my loose alphabet stamp set from Martha Stewart.  Ziploc baggies make it pretty easy to keep things organized especially when flying.  So I started by picking out my favorite colored pencils and a couple of smaller watercolor brushes.  Three smaller bags(sandwich size) hold baby wipes, paper towels and 3 stamp pads.  There are two larger bags from the airport which hold my 2 oz liquids and watercolor pencils, my pitt pens in sepia and black, 2 rolls of tissue tape and a pod of perfect pearls.  I also took a empty mini mister so it would be easy for me to spray water or mix perfect pearl mists.  I did pack two quart size bags with collage things I thought I might use but they aren't pictured.

I would do this again in a heart beat.  I felt I had just the right amount of things to not feel like I would be missing something.  Having it organized this way made it simple to take out anywhere.  So moral is....don't be afraid to travel with your art supplies.  Take what you need and a few things you want.  Enjoy yourself and have fun!!


Kel said...

great idea
always good to have a visual on this kind of stuff

Donna said...

WOW, you amaze me with your organization skills!! Really Awesome, gives me an idea for what to take during a camping trip :)
Thanks Juel

Penelope Grey said...

You are so organised Juel. I love the bag you have used, it is so perfect for this. Never thought of using one of these, best bit is I already have one